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Traditional Marriage System In Yoruba Culture, Nigeria

Traditional Marriage System In Yoruba Culture, Nigeria

Marriage is seen as an important culture among the Yoruba people. A woman who is single at a marriageable age is seen as a crownless woman. Husbands are seen as crowns and a single lady is seen as incomplete without her crown. Another reason why marriage is seen as an essential practice is because Nigerians love and cherish children. Mothers are fond of pestering their children (bachelors and spinsters) to get married so that they can see their grand-children before going to their graves.

Funny Things Students Do During Examination Period

 How examination Affects Students

Examination is a formal way of testing the capabilities, skills and knowledge of students by asking them questions and expecting them to answer wihout them having access to their textbooks or notes. Exams could be in various forms, it could be oral, written, theory, essay, multiple choice format, it could also be on a paper or computer. Examination is very important in student's educational career, success and promotion. Passing an examination is an achievement and a means of climbing the academic ladder, reaching the top and an avenue for going higher in one's career. Many students’

Common Social Vices In Schools : Causes, Effects & Solutions

Common Social Vices, Bad Behaviours and Imoral Acts

It is rare to find a school or an institution void of social vices. This depicts that they are present in all educational centers - Primary, Secondary & Tertiary. Vice is from a Latin word 'vitium' meaning defect or failing. It is defined as a bad habit or immoral activities. Vices are common among young males and females, examples include prostitution, indecent dressing, robbery, cultism, pocket picking, drug addiction, examination malpractice, hooliganism, thuggery, gambling, smoking, pre-marital sexual activities and rape. Social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative

Types of Personalities and How They Affect Relationships

Types of Personalities

No two people are the same. Children from the same womb, identical twins and those that are close to being the same will have one or two differences. We all have our strengths and weaknesses likewise do we have different personality traits. The psychologists grouped the personality traits into four- Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegm and Sanguine. Within these four groups exist another two broad divisions of traits people can be classified into. They are the introverts and the extroverts. The introverts are those that always want to be in their shell, they do not like to be seen. They are known to be calm, reserved, gentle and easy going. They are hardly noticed in the public and they keep to themselves. The extroverts on the other hand are

Gender Inequality Embedded In Nigerian Culture

Gender Inequality Embedded In Nigerian Culture

The subordination of women is not news; it is common in all cultures, regions, towns and states. Gender inequality can be seen in all areas of life and among people in different walks of life. The Rich subordinate women, likewise the poor. Both the young and old men subjugate women. The illiterates and literates also oppress women. Since there are various areas where we can study the oppression of women, this article will focus more on how women are being oppressed in Nigeria culture. The way our culture is designed oppresses women, whether consciously or unconsciously. The creation of some rules, norms and traditions do not favour women.

The Importance Of Food, Water, Sleep And Exercise To Your Health

The Importance Of Food, Water, Sleep And Exercise To Your Health,

Lots of things are important to inculcate if we want to keep fit and healthy. Good food, clean water, enough rest or siesta and exercise help to refresh the body and protect the body against diseases. Food is the substance consumed or drunk to provide nutrient, energy and growth for the body. It could be of animal or plant source which also helps to repair worn-out tissues.  Food is eaten by animals, man and absorbed by plants. Food provides the body with carbohydrate, protein, mineral salt, fat and oil, vitamins and water. Carbohydrate, protein and fats are greatly needed by the body and thus


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