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Categories of Men You Should Not Marry

 Kinds of Men You Should Avoid Marrying

There are some categories of men ladies should not think of tying the knots with. Ladies should take note of some major factors such as the character, vision, sincerity, act of responsibility of the man they are in relationship with. Women in a relationship should not be blinded with emotions nor rushed into marriage because of their biological age. It is true that men have the ability to hide their true colours but it is also true that they cannot hide their real self forever. Attitude is like a smoke of fire that cannot be hidden. You will know the type of man you are going out with in no time, his real self will come out either consciously or unconsciously.

The Importance of Sex Education In Children

Understanding the Importance of Sex Education

Sex education is the process of teaching the young ones, teenagers and teens about sexuality, their body changes , relationship  and all what they need to know to prepare them for the future. Educating a child about sex is important and should start before the puberty stage. Sex education is always seen as a sensitive topic to be discussed with children and if care is not taken, it can mislead a child. It is surprising that children, teenagers and youth now know

How The Environment Affects Our Health

How the Environment affects Our Health

This branch of health is concerned with the physical, chemical and biological external factors affecting health. It includes having the knowledge of the effects these hazards pose on man, animals and the environment, and also the necessary remedies. The topic can be studied under two broad divisions: pollution and natural disasters. Natural disasters are the adverse events that results from the displacement of the earth. They include earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, flood and others. Natural disasters degrades the ecosystem, change the environment, lead to loss of lives of man

How to get your Friend Back After A Fight Or Misunderstanding

how to get back your friend after a fight

Getting back your closest friend may feel impossible, but don't forget that the things that hold two individuals together don't just vanish overnight. To get your closest friend back after a misunderstanding or after another person has entered the cliche (for instance another friend, boyfriend or girlfriend), use one of the techniques listed below 

The Miraculous Works of Moringa Oleifera Plant

The Miraculous Works Moringa Plant

Moringa is no longer new to some people but it is still strange to few people . But it is worthy to say Moringa is a plant known to many, whether in their own language or simply as “Moringa”. Some call it different names, like “wonder plant”, “miracle plant” . Moringa plant belongs to the Family “Moringaceae” and Genus” Moringa”, and up to 13 species have been identified. The name is derived from the word murungail/muringa, the Tamil or Malayalam word for drumstick.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Snooping in a Relationship

Why People Snoop On Their Partners

Snooping on one's partner is always a major issue in relationships. This can be done by checking your partners call logs and messages, stalking your partner especially on social networks(read more about networking here), checking their Facebook wall , time line or DM on twitter, checking their Instagram page for the posts they like and


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