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The Myth of ThunderBolt (Magun) in Nigerian Culture

The Myth of ThunderBolt (Magun) in Nigerian Culture

Thunder bolt means “magun” or “edun ara” in the Yoruba culture of Western region of Nigeria. It means “do not climb” in English Language or “iwo ko gbodo gun” in Yoruba Language. Thunderbolt can be traced to the god of Sango- the god of thunder and lightning. Despite the fact that it has its origin in the Yoruba culture, it is also used by people all over the country to curb promiscuity. Literally, it refers to the restriction of sexual intercourse. Thunder bolt is a love and a killer charm that is placed on a woman by her lover, husband, family members or in-laws.

The Body Components of a Car

The Body Components of a Car

The body components of a car are those parts that can easily be seen because they are on external.  A higher percentage of them are publicly known. They include the bonnet, tyres, rims, bumper, windows, doors, cowl screen, radiator core support, roof rack, deck lid, trim package, front clip, fascia rear and support, fender/wing, boot, valance, pillar, grill, rocker, spoiler, welded assembly, quarter panel. Common seven components are further highlighted.

1. The Bonnet

The Importance Of Parental Support On Education

Parental Support and Child's Education

Parental involvements in school activities have a positive impact on academic performance. It is very important for parents to be involved in the education of their children from the start. Parents are primary educators of children as they have the greatest influence on them right from childhood to adulthood. Teachers’ roles come in to play when the children start schooling. In this sense, both the parents and teachers are the important educators in a child's life. They help to develop the child's intellect and social life.

Knowing More About Children Medical Treatment (Paediatric Medicine)

The World of Paediatric Medicine

Paediatrics, a specialty of the medical sciences, is by no overstatement a tasking one. This branch of medicine was developed and practiced formally from about the 19th century. It is the branch of medicine that deals with health and treatment of child diseases right from births to the adolescent stage, and  takes care of all the child's needs from medical to emotional supports. Doctors that specializes in children are called the Paeditricians. There are subset divisions in the practice, which corroborates the broadness of child medicine. 

Understanding The Meaning Of Traditional And Herbal Medicine

 What is Traditional  And Herbal Medicine

Traditional medicine also known as herbal or alternative medicine include various health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating medicines from plants, animals, spiritual therapies, medical foods, manual techniques and exercise. It refers to all practices designed to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being that are based on the beliefs practiced before the emergence of scientific medicine. According to WHO, traditional medicine is defined as the sum total of all knowledge and practices whether explicable or not used in the diagnosis, prevention and elimination of


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