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Having a Healthy Dog

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How do you identify a healthy dog?

When you want to identify healthy dogs, what are the factors you look for? Is it about the quality of food it eats? or is it about how often it visits a vet? All these are not just the only ways to check if your dog is healthy. We should know that just as being healthy is not just about looks for human, so also being healthy is not just about physical well-being for dogs. A physically healthy dog also needs both mental and emotional healthiness.

Either it’s a grown up or a young puppy, making sure all their needs are timely attended to is ultimately important, the perfect health plan for all dogs should factor in the body, mind, and spirit together. Even though your dog can’t verbally tell you his or her need, their actions and body language may serve as pointers or indicators for knowing their needs. Let’s take an example of a dog who sleeps too much and is not agile, even though a trip to the vet shows there is nothing wrong with him or her, it could be that all that the it needs is just a horse-play  with his owner

Highlighted below are aspects or your dog’s health that are really important


This is usually  a problem for new dog owners,  checking online for food most times gives you so many answers that you may get confused on which to follow, some veterans highly recommend just homemade or premium foods, while others may tell you any food from supermarkets will solve the problem, how do you know which recommendation to follow.

One of the top important things you can do when it comes to feeding your dog is to do proper research, instead of just following one recommendation, try out different opinions and study your dog to know which one he or she prefers. Feeding your dog with the proper foods is an important aspect of maintaining your pets overall health and well-being of your dog.

Medical/Veterinary care

Medical care is also an important part of the dog’s overall health, what most dog owners do is to give their dog vaccines and take them to see a vet when they show unusual symptoms or behavior. However, a lot of dog owners do not even consider wellness checks.  Wellness checks usually help your vet to understand your dog better, it helps them to identify signs of potential or real medical illness faster. Always remember that it is not until when your dog is sick before he should receive a veterinary care

Regular Exercise

This is one of the areas where dog owners often misunderstand their dogs, your pet needs to regularly exercise to enhance both their mental and physical well being. While just keeping a dog in your compound may seem logical, without other pets or a human being to play with them, your dog may not be getting adequate exercise. Going for walks with your dog daily is really important, and really engaging them in a physical play is good for both you and your dog’s overall health.


Most dog owners feel they score 100 percent in this aspect, research has shown that were wrong, most people have a wrong understanding of what it means to provide shelter for their dogs. One important factor they often forget is temperature. Allowing your dog to stay in the open throughout hot days or cold night is really wrong. Heat strokes can become worse so quickly in dogs, even breeds that are used to cold environment still needs some source of warmth during cold periods. Dogs are domestic animals, living them outside is both unhealthy and lonely for them

When planning a shelter for them, it is really necessary to think in terms of size. Your small flat may be OK for a puppy so far they get enough exercise, but most times for senior dogs they need more space to adequately exercise. You need to understand the fact that dogs need space to run, play and also stretch. Put into consideration what your dog needs and make sure you provide adequate shelter before you get a dog

Competition and challenge

Just as most owners of pets can justify, dogs are very intelligent and smart animals. They enjoy challenges and figuring things out. The same way we human need mental stimulation to kick off stress and boredom, same way dogs also need competition and challenges. Try training your dogs, also engaging your dogs with toys or activities that mentally stimulate them is not just a great way to spend time with them, but also a way of improving their overall health


Playtime is not just a time to reward your dog, it is also a time to improve their health. Most adults see playtime as a reward for achievements, this is not so, playtime is a time for it to get its needed exercise and also to socialize with other animals or human around. Engaging their brain in activities such as fetch or catch me if you can, can help make sure that playtime also doubles as a physical exercise while still providing them with the socialization and companionship required.

In conclusion

Maintaining your dog’s health simply means giving serious attention to their overall needs. Engaging the mind, spirit and body of your pet is the most effective way to ensure that they are as healthy as possible. Everyone wants their dogs to live long, healthy and happy. Either it’s a puppy or a matured one giving attention to every aspect of their health is the key to maintaining a strong relationship with your pet.


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