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The Body Components of a Car

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The body components of a car are those parts that can easily be seen because they are on external.  A higher percentage of them are publicly known. They include the bonnet, tyres, rims, bumper, windows, doors, cowl screen, radiator core support, roof rack, deck lid, trim package, front clip, fascia rear and support, fender/wing, boot, valance, pillar, grill, rocker, spoiler, welded assembly, quarter panel. Common seven components are further highlighted.

  1. The Bonnet

The bonnet of a car can also be called the hood, made by steel  or aluminium. This part covers the engine of the car. It is opened when there is need to repair or maintain the engine of the car and closed when done. The bonnet can be held by an individual or with the use of a latch. This part is made up of the latch handle, release cable and the hood latch assembly.

  1. The Bumper

A car has two bumpers which are attached both to the front and rear of a car and made of plastics or foams. They are made to bear collision. The bumper reduces the collision effect of two vehicles and also protects the pedestrian by getting hurt when hit by the car. A bumper can be repaired when crushed by accident. The bumper could be exposed or not.

  1. The Tyre

Car tyres or tires are mostly black in colour, rubber in form of a ring, big in sizes and are placed on the wheels of the car. They have inner tubes which are inflated. A car moves on four wheels, thus, four tyres are fixed on the rims. Two are fixed at the extreme two ends to the front of the car and two to the rear. Movement is possible with the four tyres in contact. They absorb shock and ensure a grip of the car with the road. Accidents can occur when one of the tyres is faulty, removes or flattened. The tyres are inflated when flat and changed when worn out.

  1. Car Rim

This part holds the tyre and tube in position. The tyres are placed directly on the rims, thus, there are four rims on a car- two at the front part and the other two in the rear. A rim is cylindrical in shape and made of steel. Rims differ in sizes and dimensions depending on the car. The tyre must fit in perfectly on the rim for easy performance, movement and comfort.

  1. The Windows

Car windows comprise the glass (windscreen, side windows, rear windows and panel roof), windshield washer, seal, sunroof, window motor and the window regulator. The side windows can be lowered or raised. The windscreen part is also known as windshield. The windscreen protects the people in the car from wind, rain, sun rays or dirt. The sun roof could be fixed or not. This part is on the opening on top of a car, which when opened ensures proper ventilation.

  1. Car doors

The car doors are four and they consist of the outer and inner door handles, door control, latch, seal, locks, door watershield, the fuel tank and  hinge. The doors are opened with the handles. Someone inside make use of the inner handle while someone outside use the outer handle. The door is locked for security purpose when the car is on motion with the door lock. The door is made firm and intact when locked. The fuel tank or petrol tank also has a door. Here, the fuel is stored and supplied to the engine.

  1. The boot

The boot or trunk of a car is majorly situated at the back of the car but some cars have their boot in the front. It is used for storage. The boot has a door which could be on the top, bottom or side depending on the design of the car. A boot typically has a lid that covers the luggage or anything stored in the trunk.

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