There are different kinds of thunderbolt

The Myth of ThunderBolt (Magun) in Nigerian Culture

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Thunder bolt means “magun” or “edun ara” in the Yoruba culture of Western region of Nigeria. It means “do not climb” in English Language or “iwo ko gbodo gun” in Yoruba Language. Thunderbolt can be traced to the god of Sango- the god of thunder and lightning. Despite the fact that it has its origin in the Yoruba culture, it is also used by people all over the country to curb promiscuity. Literally, it refers to the restriction of sexual intercourse. Thunder bolt is a love and a killer charm that is placed on a woman by her lover, husband, family members or in-laws. Some parents put this charm on their female children in order to prevent them from sexual acts or to punish anyone that rapes them. This is done on the unfaithful women or on those that their spouse find it difficult to trust or those that are obsessed with their partner. The aim of this charm is to prevent sexual promiscuity.

This deadly-love charm is always laid on a woman without her knowledge. There are ways a woman can be cast this love spell. In some cases, a broom stick can be laid at the entrance and the woman is allowed to walk over it. Some people cast the charm on a long thread that will be put on the floor, usually on the doorstep or passage and the woman is allowed to cross over it. This act is done in a tricky way by the perpetrators.

There are different kinds of thunderbolt. Some results to death while some do not. Some have effects on one of the partner while some affect both partners. In many cases, “magun” affect the male partner so as to serve as punishment to the victim and deterrent for other men that commit adultery. If a woman with this spell sleeps with another man order than her husband or lover, she will be inflicted with strange diseases, illnesses and later die. Some might be inflicted with boils on the thigh which may later spread to other parts of the body, chicken pox, increase in sweating, increase in drinking water among others.

Men that have sexual intercourse with a woman with this charm also experience some of the symptoms peculiar to the woman. But, other strange behavioural symptoms for men include crowing like a rooster, headache, convulsion, somersaulting, and enlargement of the male private part. Both sexual partners glue with each other and the withdrawal of the male organ will be impossible.

This charm can have adverse effect on a woman if she turns out to be faithful. She could die if she does not have sexual intercourse with any man, which could be her husband or any other man, for a stipulated period or days, as prescribed by the “magun” maker. This scenario depends on the kind of the charm used.

If the effects of this charm are detectable early, there is a possibility of remedies. People that fall victims of this charm or those glue together during sexual intercourse are taken to the traditional practitioners or rulers to destroy the enchantment or for separation. Shame, disgrace and divorce are the end result of the guilty people.

There are some people in this country that do not believe in the existence of this myth. They attribute the symptoms associated with “magun” with the health consequences of sexual activities. On the same note, it is good to know that this deadly charm is still in practice. Some people lay claim that there are other safe measures, apart from thunderbolt, to prevent sexual promiscuity without shame, disgrace and death.

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    My opinion is that, you can not cure evil with evil, that is where all these charms are useless, why can’t they deploy the charms to invent machines and solve humanity’s problems… AFRICA IS TRULY A GRAVEYARD OF DREAMS…

  2. What will be will be

    Those of you asking if you can get one.. Isn’t that cruel and Evil of you?..
    What if your partner you want to use it for is faithful to you and died because of it … Will you be happy about it??..
    If yes!!…Then what if it’s been used on you and you die .. Will you pray for the person that use it on you??..
    Cmon we Africans are full of evils deeds and that’s why we don’t love one another and keep on not progressing.. This act is Inhuman and cruel.

    1. If it can be used on a sud also be used on a man..and lets see the large numbers of dead boides on the street

  3. Of A lady spell with this Cham but the lady didn’t meet any man what will happen to her and how many days she will last

  4. ISAAC AKWANGA (not verified)

    this is strange and seems wickeds
    Why not let God judge the unfaithful one’s? who is holy?

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