How to Know if He is the One

How to Know if He is the One

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Many women  are in relationships and they really wish that the person they are dating is the one they will get married to. There is no girl that loves jumping from relationship to relationship. But the sad truth is not all men are husband materials. Some guys do not even feel the idea of marriage, but you are there busy hoping that one day you will get married to him and even though you see the signs, you will turn a blind eye to it and keep thinking that he will get better later. Many men, because of their nature are not always on the same page with their girlfriends when it comes to marriage. You, as a lady need to be honest with yourself and evaluates your partner to know if he is someone you can spend the rest of your life with or not. Here are some of the things to look out for to know if your partner is really the one.

  1. He Will Be Proud of You and Brag about You

It is girls that mostly dig the whole PDA (Public Display of Affection) thing, you mostly see girls posting their boyfriends pictures on IG or using their boyfriends pictures as DP while the guys are not really keen on uploading pictures and bragging about their girlfriend on  social networks (read more about networking here). But if your partner is proud of you and all he does is talk about you to his friends and he is happy to tell his friends about your achievements especially in your absence, he may just be the one. It shows how much he loves you and sees you as important.

  1. He Will Respects You and Your Decisions

If your partner respects you and listens to your opinion, if he asks for your advice before he takes a decision and wants to know what you think before he takes actions, it shows how much he values you and how he sees you as a part of his life. Guys have big ego and always feel they are capable of making the right decision and doing the right things. Some of them even feel that asking a lady for advice is a sign of weakness so it is really a big deal that your partner asks for your opinion and view of things.

  1. He Will Make Sacrifices

If your partner is not self centered and selfish, if he makes sacrifices for you, if he does not mind going the extra mile just for you to be happy, if he meets you halfway and he does not feel the need to put himself first always, then it shows how much he sees you as important and how much he values your presence in his life. He is definitely a keeper.

  1. He Will See You As A Part of His Future

In this generation, it is a big deal for a man to include a woman in his long term plans because all some of these men want is have fun and not be committed. Anytime your partner talks about his future and then he includes you in it, this shows he is serious about you and does not see the relationship as a short-term thing. It is equally important that you see him as someone you can spend the rest of your life with, when you think of your future; do you see him in it? Does he have the qualities you look for in a life partner, if he does then you know you have found the one. But if when you think of your future, you do not see him fitting in into your life plans, and then you should have a rethink (read more about when to break up here).

  1. Both of you will share the same values

Both of you may like different TV programs, support different football clubs or have different taste in music, but when it comes to important things like honesty, trust, family, respect, commitments etc, you two must be on the same page. If he also wants kids as much as you do and if you respect each other’s values, then you are with the right person.

  1. If You Can Be Yourself around Him

If you are very comfortable around him or if  you do not feel the need to put on your make-up (read more on physical appearance here)before you see him because he does not feel differently irrespective of that, then you are with the right man. You not being conscious of how you look, how you act and the things you say when you are around him are also some positive signs that he is the right one. It is also necessary that you are not scared to talk to him, discuss issues no matter how serious they are and you must be able to have real conversations with him. You have to be with someone that you can talk to and confide in. Also, it is important that you are very comfortable with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

  1. He does not try to change or control you

If he is the kind of guy that tries to run your life for you, or he is the type that always tries to manipulate you, judges you and always makes sure he gets what he wants, then you are with the type of guy that does not see himself as your partner but as your boss. However, if all he does is supports your decision, understands you, appreciates you and never tries to change you, and then he just might be the one. A guy who loves you will not be bent on you changing the things that make you who you are.

  1. He Will Not Put Pressure On You

A man that is for you will not put any pressure on you when it comes to the issue of intimacy. He sees something more in you that your ex-boyfriends did not see. He does not just want to get into your pants or have sex with you. This means he sees the relationship as long term and he is ready to take things on the same pace as you.

There are really no rules and regulation to have a perfect relationship, but if you have a good partner, appreciate them and do not let them go because they are hard to come by.

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