Are You the side chick or Backup Girlfriend?

Ways to Know if You are the Side Chick

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Many ladies are ignorant that they are in a relationship with a man that is engaged with another lady. Ladies nowadays fall into the hands of married men without them knowing. They give in their all in the relationship and might even be faithful lovers. We hear of devastating stories of heart breaks that have lead and is still leading young women to health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, mental illness and other psychological problems.

Many ladies are now being sent wedding pictures of their supposed fiancé. Well, some of the victims are to be blamed because they would have seen and ignored the red lights. Some are being sweet talked by the partner and have allowed their reasoning to be eroded, some turn deaf ears to people’s warning and gist thinking the world is being jealous or want to deprive them of their happiness while some are just naive of the men tactics. It takes time for some of them to jerk back into reality. Sometimes, some can be lucky by detecting the fraud in the relationship while some are just unlucky that they are deceived till it is late. Will it be right to advise the single ladies to lock their hearts? It will not be proper to generalize all men because there are lots of serious, single and God fearing men out there. Although women are now following suit but it won’t be also right to advise ladies to have two or more men as back-up plan.

There are ways to know if you are the main girlfriend, fiancé, a mere side chick or a sex partner when the main lady is away or pregnant. Men are believed to be smart and they truly are. They can pretend, lie, fake a relationship and sweep a lady off her feet. They know the weak points of women and they know the right thing to do to make a woman happy. Despite all these, they always leave a loop hole, which is the higher respect they give to their wives and wife-to-be. This category of men exhibit some unavoidable behaviours which most ladies ignore and fail to take note of while the smart ones a take walk through the doors. Few prominent signs that show you are a side chick are

Frequent unanswered call

If your calls are always unanswered, missed or forwarded into voice mails, you have to shine your eyes. If your so called lover always gives you specific time you can call him and he is always fond of not picking or always ending your calls, especially early in the morning, late at night or during bed time, you might be a side chick. It is important to note that some men can be so smart that they pick their calls even beside their main ladies. Despite this, one or more of other sign(s) in this article will surface and should be seen as red light(s).

Loss of contact or communication with the guy

There is danger in the relationship if your guy/man disappears and does not call, message or have contact with you for a very long period of time. This type of men only shows up occasionally or when he is in your town or area for a meeting or events. He calls once in a blue moon and start making several excuses and making up stories for his silence. Tell me, how is it possible to stay away from someone your heart beat for? If your men is not in a missionary school, an institution, training ground or in a place where mobile phones or internet use are prohibited and he is off and on with you, it is most likely that you are a side chick.

Short and Precise Phone Calls

Also, you are a side chick if you notice your guy is always short and precise in his conversation on phone. He can also talk with you with low voice anytime he is at home or vacations. They are fond of saying they are using the bedroom voice which is not true. Such men are known with common slangs which is “lemme call you back”, “baby, don’t waste your credit” and many more so as to avoid being caught by their wives or main chick.

Credit alerts without emotional attachment

if the guy is rich and not the stingy type, he will always bribe you with cash and side attraction for his absence and irresponsibility. He can buy your love and toy with your emotions with material things so that you can ignore his absence, and perhaps spread your legs for him when he is around before disappearing again into the thin air.

Frowns and not interested in commitment or future plans

You might be a side chick if your guy, after six months together, has never mentioned you in his future, if he has never used the word “we” when discussing about the future or if he divert the conversation anytime you bring up marriage or commitment talks. This is a red light because if you are his main chick, he will be the first to bring up the discussion.

The mark of a wedding ring on the finger

if the left fourth finger of your so-called partner has the sign of a ring or a round mark, he might be a married man. Such men always come up with lies that they just lost their wives or newly divorced or separated. Although, these can be true but you need to be smart for other signs. Some men do go a long way to say they like putting a fashion ring on that particular finger or to pose as being married when they are actually married. Do not be too attached nor open your legs for such men so that you do not fall victims of being the house destroyer or the second wife. Note that not all married men wear rings while some even flirt with the rings. Ladies need to be extra careful.

When you see other ladies picture or a particular lady’s pictures on his phone

Your picture may also be there but take caution when he refuses to delete the other pictures or when if he says she is a family member with no resemblance or proofs that she is. Run if your guy gets angry unnecessarily or always take sides of a particular lady that you know of either by her frequent calls or numerous pictures on his phone. Guys do fear and respect their main chick that they do not allow other people, friends and side chicks to disrespect them.

He doesn’t invite you to functions

You might be a side chick if your man never invite you for family ceremonies/occasions, office lunch/dinner dates, vacations, family reunions, holidays, trips but you later heard he always attend such occasion or trips with another lady. That is a very big sign and you need to walk away even he tries to lie about the lady’s identity. Men like showing off their women in public events. You are not the main chick if he is guilty of this.

If your man has never introduced you to his family members, dodge your relatives or if he always avoid the discussion or events where both of you will meet your people. He might be running away from commitment, or he is married or has taken another babe home.


You might be a side chick if your guy never uploaded your picture for the world to see, if he prefers uploading other ladies picture, if he never shout out to you on anniversaries or Val’s day, if he never call or if his phone is always unreachable on special days and if he is not always chalant about your emotions or what you love.

Do not be carried away if his friend(s), your friend(s) or family member(s) that are nice, If you are in such a relationship, dust your shoes and pick race. You can stay in such relationship if you are okay with being a side chick, ladies seem not to mind anymore.  Good luck!!

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