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All You Need To Know About Networking

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A network conscious person is the one who realizes the potentials of relationships and then being proactive, professional, and diligent. Such student must have the skill of initiating, nurturing, maintaining and placing demands on relationships, to produce value for himself and others. Networking is about you strategically positioning yourself in the right place, with the right message, to deliver to the right people who can make right things happen for you at the right time. Do you know there are some things you can get for free if you are good at networking?.

The Meaning of Networking

Networking is about helping people in your sphere of influence to achieve their dreams and aspirations.  By doing this, they will surely respond to you whenever you need their help. However, this shouldn’t be the main motive behind you helping others achieving their goals. It is time you enlarged the scope of people you know. To network well, you have to know more people apart from your roommates or classmates. The highly successful people network deliberately. For instance, my role model once told me that when he was in school, he moved close to his senior colleagues and  used to ask them certain questions regarding academics, business and on other issues. He further said that these things really helped a lot, and he is still connected to these set of people till today. Networking is not about lying to impress someone in order to win a contract, but rather a way of moving with the superior only at the expense of your peers and subordinates. It is not only about what you can get but also being true to yourself.

Various People Students Can Network With

Students are expected to network with superiors, peers and subordinates. When networking, it is important to give more than you get. A student entrepreneur is expected to network with people from all walks of life. Examples are the  lecturers, fellowship brethren, wardens, secretaries, roommates, alumni, security personnel etc.  All these people will really help in your academics and entrepreneurship activities. Remember that your effort alone is not what will make you succeed. John C. Maxwell, the author of “Talent is Never Enough”  said that “one is too small a number to achieve greatness”


Various Types of Networking Available to Student

There are various groups a student can identify his or herself with. These groups include the religious groups, entrepreneurship club, sport, or any socially responsible clubs. A networking student entrepreneur must deliberately choose his/her friends, business partners and associate. The worst kind of situation you could be is to find yourself in a group of friends and you are the best of them all. I am not saying to be the best of one’s mate is not good, but it would be preferably better if you can join a group which will add more value to you. Students need great minds  around them which are people  that focus on the future. These great people affect the personal lives of the students and how they will affect their generation and the ones to come. The people you associate with would rub-off you by default, they would affect your speech, choice of words, attitudes, mindset and the way you relate with people.

Various Ways of Networking

There are so many ways one can start networking. A very practical example which is known to every one which is FACEBOOK networking.


In recent times, everyone knows that the most effective form of networking is through the Internet by the means of one of the social platforms which is widely known, that is the FACEBOOK. Facebook has made it possible to connect with people easily. Most people use it to service their network, send messages and complimentary or birthday cards. The birthday reminder also helps in remembering people’s birthday. Also, one can post comments on different issues of life, chat with friends,  exchange ideas and market products and services free of charge. In fact, if you are not on Facebook, you have really missed a lot and you are still missing a lot.


The Founder and History of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg started the Facebook. He was a student in Havard University where he first developed the site for the use of other students. Its usage spread to other schools like Stanford and Yale Universities, to the other part of his country and then to other Continents of the world. Before Mark knew it, he was joined by two other fellow Harvard students, namely Dustin Moskovitiz and Chris Hughes and they helped him grow the site to next level. Few months later, when Facebook was officially a national student network phenomenon, Zikerberg dropped out of school to pursue his dreams and to run Facebook full time. It was officially named as “Facebook” in August 2005, and the domain was  purchased for a reported $200,000 which is now the most visited website. Mark Zukerberg became a billionaire in dollars at the age of 26. It is important that you give expression to that idea of yours which you think is little now. There is a popular saying that “the earlier the better”. Who knows if your idea will be another change of the century ,that will change the way we do things.

How to Go About Networking

Service your network by visiting members of your network, giving gifts to them, sending text messages, placing a call, helping in solving problem. Always remember their birthdays, celebrate with them and care for them. Do not only call members of your network when you only need their help.This is because if you do, not all of them will respond to you, knowing fully that you always call when you need their assistance. Nobody wants to be used and dumped. Networking is a mutual process .A wise man once said, “you are just about 2-3 people away from the person you want to meet”, just think of a person you want to meet”.

For instance, if  you want to meet the Vice chancellor of your school,the first step is to think if you know someone who can connect you directly to him. You might probably be close to the Dean of your faculty, your Head of Department or the President of your faculty or department. These  set of people should be able to link you  with the V.C. Practically, this is how networking works. You can always connect with anybody you want to meet.

In conclusion,networking is not something you do by default but rather  deliberately. You may have someone you wish to meet(read more on how to make close friends). Also know that there is someone somewhere who wants to meet you too. All you need to do is to make yourself open, reachable and accessible,  Surely, what you make happen for others will happen for YOU.

Wish you luck

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