Types of Suicide And What They Mean

Types and Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

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Suicide is an act where a person kills his or herself intentionally or a deliberate act of taking one’s life by the individual.  We hear of suicide rate every day and it is a common social phenomenon in the world today. Suicide could be egoistic, altruistic, fatalistic or anomic.  

Egoistic suicide is committed as a result of lack of integration into the society. People that commit this type of suicide are those that alienate themselves from friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues. They are the introverts that do not mix or relate with people, thereby find it difficult to cope when challenges arise. Due to the nature of our society, we cannot do without problems, failures and issues. We overcome these problems through the encouragements and words of consolation from the people around us. 

Altruistic suicide occurs when social integration is too strong and when expectations are high on an individual. People that commit altruistic suicide do so because they think it is the right thing to do and others do so when they think they have disgraced their family members or the society as a whole.  Examples are the military men that take their lives when they are unsuccessful in battle, kings, and chiefs that take their lives when abominations are committed, a pregnant lady that takes her life because of disgrace etc.

Fatalistic suicide occurs when the rules and regulations that bind an individual are too high. People that commit this are those that are bounded with high, strict and oppressing discipline. They think their futures, passions, and aspirations are being choked and blocked by lack of freedom. An example is a slave who takes his life because of hopelessness.

Anomic Suicide is a suicide that occurs when there are disruptions in the flow of things or a change in status-quo in the society. The disruption makes an individual unbalanced and leads to dissatisfaction with life. These changes put people in new situations of which they cannot cope with.  For instance, a rich man that lost his job or duped by fraudster might be forced to end his life when there is a turnaround in his life.

Major Reasons Why People Commits Suicide 
1. Poverty and Economic Depression
Many people that have tasted the good sides of life in the past but later find themselves in tight situations may find it difficult to cope with their new situations; thus leading them to commit suicide. Recession in the economy can make some people end their existence.

2. Shame and Disgrace
Some people that are found in shameful situations or that are disgraced may end their lives. When people that are highly respected by others commit crimes or are in disappointing situations may be too shameful to show their faces in the public, thereby leading to suicide. Examples are the rape victims or social-media harassment victims.

3. Anxiety, Worry, and Depression
Worry, anxiety, depression can make some take their lives. Stressful situations, failures, disappointments, heartbreaks and hopelessness make certain people think of suicide. Too much of anxiety and worry can lead to mental illness and the mentally ill patients are more prone to suicide.

4. Low Self-esteem
Lack of self-esteem and low morale can push one to commit suicide. There are some people that think they cannot make it in life due to past failures or disappointments. These people see no reason to live again and they see no hope in their existence, thus, taking their lives.

We all should work together to stop this act. Words of encouragement should be given to those experiencing trial times around them. The rich should stretch their helping hands to the poor. We all should work on our self-esteem and take life as it is. No condition is permanent and there is always sunshine after rain.
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