Child Maltreatment In Nigeria

Child Labour : A Threat To A Child’s Success

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 6,313 total views Child labour is the work children engage in that hinders their schooling and development. It could also be defined as harmful and strenuous work children engage in. Child labour could be in form of child slavery, child trafficking, forced labour, child bondage, and prostitution, the use of children as drug-carriers, sex objects and for …

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Chose not to be Ignorant

No Excuse for Ignorance

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 2,798 total views,  1 views today What is Ignorance? Ignorance, they say, is the greatest disease. It is from two Latin words – ‘in’ which means ‘not’ and ‘gnarus’ meaning ‘knowing’. Literally, ignorance means ‘not knowing’. It is the condition of being uninformed, uneducated and unaware of the happenings in a place. It is the lack of …

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Sfactors responsible, effects, causes, of poor, and declining standard of education and ways to improve it

Falling Standard of Education in Nigeria

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 22,917 total views,  2 views today Declining and Poor Standard of Education Education is the fulcrum of the nation’s development. It is the foundation upon which all other sectors are built. If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do?  The foundation of Nigeria’s Education is weak and if nothing else done to rebuild it, the …

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Examination Malpractice and Cheating

War Against Examination Malpractice

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 3,901 total views,  1 views today Examination malpractice is no more news in our country. Students believe that their success is not possible without engaging in this act. This practice is found everywhere and in all institutions. Primary school pupils now look over their friend’s shoulders to copy during examination. Secondary and Tertiary school students are experts …

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Child Maltreatment In Nigeria

Child Abuse And It’s Effects On A Child’s Academic Performance

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 12,960 total views,  5 views today Child abuse is not a strange phenomenon in our society. There is no safe place for children anymore because it is everywhere: home, school, street, religious houses are all possible places for child abuse. Also it can be performed by siblings, parents, teachers, guardians and so-called mentors. What is child abuse? …

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