How To Spot Fake Friends

How To Spot Fake Friends

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We live in the world where we cannot live in isolation. The people around us determine our ways of life, lifestyle and they add to our values. It is important to have healthy relationship with friends and families. A person that is surrounded with fake friends is in midst of foes, he or she will be affected negatively and progress will be hindered. We should be careful of who we move with, the people we roll with and those we tell our secrets to. Some people are wolves in sheep’s clothing who move around and snoop on their friends. They pretend to be good when they are not. All their ambitions are to ruin their friends, reputations and progress. It is very easy to spot fake friends.

1. They See Nothing Good In You
Fake friends will never see anything good in your accomplishments or anything you do. They look down on their friends, never appreciate success and achievements. Fake friends are those that will never be happy for one’s success. They will always find negative talks about your new partner, house, car and grades.

2. They Are Selfish and Want To Lead
Fake friends always want to be on top and lead. They never show others the ways to success. These people hoard news, job applications, past questions to themselves. They are the ones that never tag their friends along with them when they are making it. The world is just about them and they want the world to revolve around them. Selfish attitude is not far from fake friends. They are the ones that will keep their resources just to depend on other people.

3. They Do Not Make Sacrifices 
The world “sacrifice” is not in the dictionary of fake friends. A friend in need is one indeed. A true friend will make sacrifices and services even when not convenient. A fake friend on the other hand will never go an extra mile for others. They do not and cannot go out of their comfort zone to please others. They are known for words like “I cannot inconvenience myself because of anyone”. Any good deeds done by fake friends are out of their convenience.

4. They Mock and Gossip 
Fake friends pretend to have listening ears. All their pretence is for them to have something to gossip about when you are not there. They mock at every disappointments and success. All secrets kept with them are leaked out to other people. A true friend will never mock nor gossip about you while fake friends will never have your backs. They stab your backs with words and negative actions.

5. Fake Friends Will Always Be with You When Things Are Going on Fine 
Fake friends will never stick around you when things are not going on well. They are not for better for worse but are for bread and butter. Be vigilant if you have a friend that vanishes when you are broke or down. They (fake friends) cannot endure odd times with you because all what they want from you are the benefits you have.

6. They Are Not Trustworthy and Honest 
A real friend is always honest and trustworthy. Fake friends cannot be trusted with words, material things, possessions and belongings. They lie at and for you just to get on your good sides. They will not correct you when you are wrong because they want you to fall into pits, be below them and finally beg for their mercies. A fake friend will listen to you but will never say a word about themselves.

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7. They Are Jealous and Covetous
Fake friends are always jealous and covetous of what you have. They find it hard to hide their expression anytime you are happy and they envy when life is fair with you. They mouth-wash your achievements and will not rest until they are in your shoes.

In conclusion, do not manage fake friends. Break the fake bond they are keeping with you and be free from them. If you as a person have one or two points discussed above, make a positive change and be a real friend. 

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