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Building a Strong Relationship With Your Pet

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Building strong relationship with your pet
Pets can really make you happy, and it even gets more interesting when you and your pet are really close, when you have your pet interest at heart, they will be forever devoted to you

What you should do
Begin building your relationship with your pet from an early stage. Pets are exceptionally receptive when at a tender age, this can be taken advantage of. In the event that you can make it adore you when still young, it is going to be like nature to them to love you. To do this, play with and show love towards your pet always. He needs to realize that you will always love him and play with him and won’t neglect him.

Cuddle and spend time with your pet: let your pet feel safe whenever it is with you, whenever your pet comes near you, don’t reject him, cuddle and pat them, also remember to engage them in games whenever you have the time

Discipline your pet when they are wrong. Even though you may have the love of your pet, you must also have his respect, don’t hesitate to softly hit them whenever they do something wrong. Show them you own them and that you are not ok with them behaving naughty, but make sure you don’t overdo it, so that they will not become scared of you.

Give your pet Rewards: reward them once in a while, most importantly whenever they do something good or remarkable, use treats as a reward for good behavior, just make sure they earn it and never reward wrong behavior

Make sure your pet loves his home: for example, keeping a pet under lock may not be the most appropriate thing to do because, getting locked up can be upsetting to them and make them not be in a playing mood. If you keep them under lock, let it be just for a while. Avoid keeping them under lock for a whole day, let them have a feel of fresh air, play around and stretch their muscles. This is applicable to any kind of pet you have. Whichever pet you have, make sure it has enough space and time to play freely around. This will make your pet happy and healthy.

Make your Pet your friend. Play, smile and talk to your pet in a relaxed and calm way, make your voice inviting and friendly, show them you are their friend and that they are safe with you

Don’t make them go hungry. Like humans, animals also like eating, they enjoy food as much as we do, so if you are really looking at building a good relationship with your pet, you have to feed it well, give they the food you know they enjoy, the popular saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” does not only apply to men, it also apply to animals too. Just like humans, hunger makes them uncomfortable and groggy, it also makes them unpredictable and dangerous, remember a hungry man is an angry man, likewise, a hungry pet is an angry pet. Make sure your pets don’t go hungry always, this is really important if you are looking at building good relationship with them.

Take regular strolls together. Just like humans, taking relax and strolls together with your pet makes them love you more, it shows them that you are happy to be around them and proud of them, it also give both of you time to bond and try out new games, you discover that your pets aree usually in an exceptional mood whenever you are back from a stroll with them, this is because they are happy and they enjoyed the time they spend with you. This helps you build relationship with your pet easily.

Approach other peoples pet with carefulness. Being a pet doesn’t mean he is not dangerous, so it they not your personal pet or they are not used to you, please approach a pet with caution, to get the trust of a new or another person’s pet may take time, don’t just assume its going to welcome you, pets can be unpredictable especially when you don’t understand them yet and they can hurt you. Please approach with caution

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