Use of Machinery

Advantages of Using Machinery

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Machinery is used in every sector of life. They are used in the homes and mostly found in the industries. Before the advent of the use of machines, work done was tedious, the cost of production was low, fewer products are produced with greater man input, and the goods produced were scarce and always available only for the rich. People’s ways of life, industries’ production level, and the economy has been at their peaks with the advent of machines or machinery. Heavy tasks are now done with the help of machines.

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Some of the important advantages of machines are;

  1. Efficiency

They produce more work with little energy and also within a limited time. The workers are more dedicated to their work when they make use of machines. The workers encounter lesser fatigue and tiredness, which increase their efficiency and dedication because only little joules of their energies are lost when working.

  1. Improvement in the Quality and Quantity of Products

Machines ensure high and large production rate. More goods are more produced in larger quantity and better quality. The goods can take any form, shape and brand when machines are used compared to the use of manual labour. There is no more scarcity of goods as they are now much more available in large and diverse quantities.

  1. Reduction in Cost of Production and Profit Making

Goods and services are now produced in low costs and sold to customers in affordable prices. There is a cut in the payment of labour prices because the use of machines has replaced manual labour. Less cost is used to produced goods and this also increases the profit of the producers. Loss is being reduced drastically and profit is being made by the owners of production.

  1. Division and Mobility of Labour

The use of machineries ensures division of labour. Workers have stipulated and specific roles of which they do with the use of machines. Small work is allocated to each worker to enhance speed, accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Accuracy, reliable, availability and fast            

Work done is much easier for workers and production is faster when machines are used. When the machines are in good conditions, they are much more available and there is a great reliability that there will be production for the day. There is less disappointment with the use of machines. There is also accuracy in the work done by the machineries.

  1. Employment Opportunities

The use of machines has opened the opportunities of people to be employed.  Industries with machines employ workers who will operate these machines. Although men are more employed than women in industries that make use of high technologies and machines, but women and youths are also employed. There are skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled forms of labour in industrial sectors because people irrespective of their qualifications and skills are also employed to operate machines inasmuch as they are trained.

  1. Increase in technical know-how

Since workers are trained on how to use their machines, there is a great improvement their technical know-how. A worker that was employed as unskilled becomes skilled. Also, monotony and continuous use of machines by the workers improve their intelligence and creativity as they now have vast knowledge on the use of machines.

  1. High Standard of Living

Machines have made possible for man to enjoy certain things, live better life, live in good and well conducive environments, eat good foods, work less and improve their standard of living. Examples of such are the radio, television, air conditioners, blenders, refrigerators, cars for easy transportation, and mobile phones for communication purposes among others. Domestic works and house chores are now made easy with made easy with the advent of machines.

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