Types of Guys You Should Not Marry

Categories of Men You Should Not Marry

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There are some categories of men ladies should not think of tying the knots with. Ladies should take note of some major factors such as the character, vision, sincerity, act of responsibility of the man they are in relationship with. Women in a relationship should not be blinded with emotions nor rushed into marriage because of their biological age. It is true that men have the ability to hide their true colours but it is also true that they cannot hide their real self forever. Attitude is like a smoke of fire that cannot be hidden. You will know the type of man you are going out with in no time, his real self will come out either consciously or unconsciously. There are some signs to look out for and if you see any of them, you as a woman is expected to walk our of the relationship because a broken relationship is better than a broken or bitter marriage.

1. A violent man 
There are some men that have issues with their temper, they get angry easily and get off with little mistakes. If you are dating a man that snaps at everyone, shouts at those who mistakenly steps on his toes or a man that finds it hard to control his temper, you might need to have a rethink. Also, a man that throws fists at objects, wall or you will beat the rainbow colours out of you one day. Do not think you have the ability to manage or change a man. Do away with a violent man to avoid future regrets.  Some men are not violent physically but are dangerous with words. They talk at their partner or people around them anyhow and toy with people’s emotions and ego with their abusive words. If you, as a lady, are with a man that shouts you down, abuse you with words and drains your morale and there is no change of attitude over time, he might not be the right person for you.

2. A Man That Does Not Want Your Progress 
Although men have their ego and they always want to be in charge. It is normal for a man to be challenged when his partner is shooting high in life but it is dangerous if the man does not support or seek for his woman’s progress. A man that loves will always want you to achieve your dreams, meet your set goals and prosper but a man that is always jealous, not interested in what you do or not always in the mood to discuss your progress is dangerous to have a life commitment with. Such man will withdraw his giving hand when you are making money, will not hesitate to ruin your pockets despite his financial buoyancy and will always block you from the way forward.

3. A Man That Do Not Correct 

The bitter truth is that a man that loves will always be there to correct when you are not acting right. This does not mean that such man will be the lion King but will be someone that corrects with love. Be watchful if you are in a relationship with a man that has never or always reluctant to scold you when you do something wrong. A man that fits in perfectly into a husband is someone who pampers and at the same time corrects when necessary. It is always do advisable to settle with a man that is always pleased with your actions or someone that has never told you the truth about life or how things should be done. The truth is always bitter and only someone that loves will voice out the bitter truth, just like the way parents do.

4. A Man You Cannot Talk To

Despite the differences between you and your partner, both of you should be able to communicate well with each other at all times. There should be a good interpersonal relationship and both of you should be able to talk about anything at anytime without any stress. Even if the man is strict and corrects you, you as a lady should not think twice before having a chat with your partner. If your heart always beat fasts whenever you want to chat or talk about something serious with your partner, he might not be the one for you. Your partner should be your best of friends, close confidant and not your school principal that you cannot talk to. On the other hand, your opinion should also count when making decisions. Marry a man that asks for your opinion, listens to your voice and act on your advice instead of a man that does not see anything good in your suggestions.

5. A Man You Cannot Hold Hands With 
Love and affection is the foundation of a relationship or marriage. Do not marry a man you are not proud of, a man you cannot introduce to friends or a man you cannot attend public events with. Be happy with the man you are going out with. Do not manage his looks, dressings and outer appearance. If you find it hard to cope with his inadequacies now, you cannot cope with them later. Leave the man if you do not want people to identify you with him and be with someone you are proud of. On the flip, if you are with a man that does not want people to see you with him or if you are not his “first lady” that he takes out for public outings and events, it is better to leave such relationship. A man that should be your Mr Right should be proud to be seen with you.

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