Ways to Rekindle Your Marriage

How to Bring Back the Spark in Your Relationship

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Are you in the turbulent time of your relationship? Do you feel bored with your partner? Have you ever wondered what happened to your former relationship, why it collapsed and why you opted out? Is your partner still your soul mate? Do you think of breaking up with your partner for a new relationship? Are you the type that gets fed up easily with a partner? If you leave this present relationship, what is the probability that history won’t repeat itself? You do not have to leave your present relationship but instead work on the issues causing crisis because the person you were head over heels with is still the same person you are now bored with. Some tips that can be helpful are discussed below;

Identify the problem

The loss of the aroma in your relationship will definitely have a cause(s). For example, if your lady has added some weight, find the reason behind the change. Could it be change in diet, lack of exercise, child birth, comfort or too much relaxation? If there is a break in communication and reduction in caring attitudes, look for the cause for your partner’s change of actions. These can be due to stress, nature of the job, change in location or workplace or loss of loved ones. Have you ever wondered why your partner now snores in bed? Do you know that it could be due to stress, body weight, heavy food served as diner, peace of mind, cold or catarrh? Making unnecessary conclusions like “he or she is seeing another person”, “maybe he or she is fed up with me or our sex life” might worsen the situation at hand. Change in behaviour is not always due to infidelity. other factors except infidelity that lead to change in the drive of a relationship are discussed in this article.

The most important point is to proffer solution to the problems identified. The ways out of these problems should be sought both solely and jointly. You do not need to leave your present relationship but instead improve on your differences or slacks and sharpen your relationship to your taste.

She Got Big and Fat

If she is no more the slim lady you met, encourage and join her in doing body exercise. Men cannot escape from this issue especially when the woman starts reproducing. Instead of you to start having side chicks and be vulnerable to STDs (read more about STDs diseases here), focus on your wife and help and work with her to reduce her size. Exercise can be done on weekends or by taking a stroll with her. Let her understand your motives for her. Watching her diet can also be useful. If your wife is jobless, encourage her to get a job. You might help in opening a supermarket or a retail store. Going out in the morning and coming back late at night is a form of exercise that reduces weight.

She Is No More Caring

if you or your partner no longer care for each other as a result of busy schedule, you both need to find time for each other. Create time out of no time to satisfy your partner. Calls during work periods or lunch time can go a long way to help. Do not procrastinate getting in touch with your partner. Give a call before bed time and early in the morning. It is better to sleep off on phone than not calling at all.  To bridge the communication gaps, invitation to lunch or dinner date is essential. You do not have to start rubbing your partner’s head before you show care. Show up in your spouse’s house with flowers, gifts. Plan trips during vacations and find time to be together. Apologise frequently for your incapabilities and improve on them.

Distance Issue

There is a popular saying that goes like this “out of sight is out of mind” and there is another that says “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Let the latter saying be your motto. The difference in geographical area is a sensitive that affects relationships. If you can’t help or change the distance issue, both partner need to work it out. Communication through frequent calls, messages, voice notes and chats should be at the peak. Another important factor is trust and understanding. You need to build your trust level to make progress in your relationship. Believe in your partner and reduce jealousy. Regular visitation should be made by both. The visit should be worthwhile, conflict free and memorable for both. Flirting on phone should act as a spice to the relationship. Necessary measures should be carried out to bridge the distance when possible.

Snoring While Sleeping

You might be the type that can’t sleep with sound or noise around you but unfortunately, you later got to know that your partner snores or just developed the habit. If the snoring habit is due to body weight, the way out discussed above should be considered because fat people have the more tendency to snore. If the snoring is attributed to stress, the partner that snores should make his or her day stress-free. Help should be given to the wife in house jobs, care of the children and in the kitchen to make her day light. Heavy food should not be taken as diner. All respiratory disorders like cold and catarrh that might have blocked the nostrils must be treated. Help your partner to adjust to a better position when sleeping. If the snoring persist, seek medical attention for more advice or adapt to it and let love covers all imperfections. Never you change rooms or sleep in different room so as to be away from your snoring partner. Distances in closure and room separation reduce love and intimacy.

Sexiness and Lustful Desires Gone Down the Drain

Be good looking, neat ( read about personal hygiene here) and dress sexy for your spouse. If you notice your partner admires the opposite sex with certain attributes or dress sense that you lack, switch to his or her taste and prevent your partner from going after other people. Go back to your lifestyles in the initial stage of your relationship. Tell each other your likes and dislikes. Also, avoid being lazy or busy to satisfy your spouse’s sexual desires. Seek closure, care and love only in your partner. Try different styles in bed, spice up your sexual acts, be romantic and let your partner come running home after each day’s work.

No Special Delicacies Anymore

We all know the popular saying in Nigeria which says “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” Ladies should not be monotony in meal preparation. Perfect your cooking skills to satisfy your husband’s belly. Cook his favorite meal, wake up early to cook his breakfast and lunch if possible. Do not push your spouse out to eat in canteen or to start eating in other people house. Do not allow your house help cook your husband’s or fiancé’s meal. Let your husband know you enjoy feeding him

In Conclusion

If we can try to inculcate some of the tips above in this article we should be able to restore and bring back the love and desire to your relationship and marriage.

Wish you luck

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