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Not Getting A Good Night Sleep? Reasons and Solution

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First of all, let us talk about the scientific jargon a bit before we dwell on why people cannot sleep well at night; the science behind sleep is controlled majorly by biological rhythms called circadian rhythms, this performs a major role in determining our sleep patterns. The circadian rhythms are controlled by the body’s master clock which has the role of enabling melatonin secretion. Melatonin is a hormone that makes humans feel drowsy and sleepy, it also enables the body temperature to be lowered.( Read about the importance of sleep to your health here )

Reasons and Causes Why People Don’t Sleep Well

A lot of things and issues can impede or affect people’s ability to sleep immediately at night, it is no amazement that 90% of adult human complain of not getting adequate sleep at night, feeling tired and groggy when they wake up in the morning.  Either you have a job that is physically engaging and demanding, or its a job that tasks your brain while sitting at a table all day, It is of uttermost importance that you get a good nights sleep.( read an interesting article on Physical stress versus Mental stress here) Sleep and rest replenish and restores our body and our minds, it is very necessary and important for healthy living.

  1. Anxiety: Anxiety is an important factor when talking about sleeping well at night, anxiety could be from thinking about what you are expecting to face the next day or from the fact that you are worried about sleeping itself. ( read on stress and how to manage it here)
  2. Activity: if you have been dormant or sedentary, inactive or has probably taking a nap during the day, this might cause restlessness and it will affect, stop or impede you from sleeping well at night.
  3. Boundaries: if you don’t have set or defined boundaries when it comes to your sleep time, your good night sleep might be affected, example of boundaries include but not limited to; not bringing your phone or laptop to bed, switching off your lights when it is sleep time; insisting to your partner how important your sleep time is and serious conversations have to be re-scheduled. (Read on how to have a healthy communication with your partner here)

Solutions, Ways and How to Sleep Better and Faster at Night Naturally

Even though we all know we need to sleep well, quite so many of us find it hard getting and having a good night rest because of our daily lifestyles which seems not to give us enough time for adequate sleep. Due to this, we have written this segment of the article as a guide on how and ways to get a good night sleep and rest.

  1. Engage in some physical activity at the beginning or during your day: Exercises or physical activity helps to restore cortisol rhythms in your body which is higher early in the day. Cortisol is a beneficial and important hormone that triggers the anti-inflammatory and anti-stress functions of the body.
  2. Expose and get yourself inside the sun: We have photoreceptors in our skins that helps balance and regulate serotonin and melatonin hormonal levels in our body, these two hormones are beneficial and important in aiding good and faster sleep for optimum health. (read on the importance of sleep to your health here)
  3. Reduce your phone brightness level at night: when you use your phone at extremely bright levels before bed, it sends stimulating stimulus to your brain through your eyes that its need to be alert thereby impeding you to sleep well, to solve this activate the night profile setting on your phone to automatically reduce screen brightness at nights.
  4. Alchohol and food consumption before bed: Just before going to sleep at night, it is important to keep away from snacks and drinks that will elevate your blood glucose level, simply put, don’t take sugar or alcohol.
  5. Maintain a regular and constant night routine: If you have kids, then it is no news to you how important it is for them to have a definite routine to enable them to sleep at night. We, adults, are the same, if you plan on sleeping by 10 pm, try to be in bed by 9 pm and then engage yourself in some relaxing activity, you won’t know when doxe of immediately.
  6. Make sure your environment is at the right temperature: your room or environment temperature affects and determines your ability to sleep, For the most adult, the adequate temperature range is between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius.  If you usually set your thermostat temperature outside the stipulated range, you might be inhibiting yourself from sleep well especially your REM sleep.( read on how the environment affects our health here)
  7. Use a comfortable and same pillow: you will be surprised that something as trivial as a pillow might be hindering you from getting a good night sleep, make sure you use a comfortable pillow because this enhances good breathing, try to use the same pillow every night since your body will have gotten accustomed to it and changing it might affect your sleep
  8. Sleep in darkness: make sure you turn off all illumination when you want to sleep, for those who work night shifts and sleep during the day, invest in window blinds or sleeping mask to be able to achieve the same purpose.
  9. Sleep nude: for some people, the solution to their lack of sleep might just be for them to sleep nude, sleeping without restraints on your body helps with lymphatic drainage which helps in reducing headache, soreness and swelling in post-injury and post-operative patients, it also helps the body to relax,  give it a try and see if it makes you sleep better.

That is it guys, I hope you didn’t use the tips you learned in this article to doze off while reading it.

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