Relationship Barriers; Educational and Social Class Barriers

Relationship Barriers; Educational and Social Class Barriers

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Being or wanting to go into a relationship with someone with different educational status can be a bit challenging to handle. If you are well educated and your partner is a semi or a stark illiterate, how do you intend to cope? Can love cover that gap? Well, love can cover all differences but when it comes to one partner being ignorant, that love can shake. Some people do not enter a relationship with someone that do not have the same or close qualification as them while some people do not mind. Despite this, it is no longer common nowadays, unlike in the past where you see a cobbler and a Barrister, Medical doctor and an hair dresser or a Bank manager and a maid in an Holy Matrimony.

Ignorance is not an Excuse Anymore

Studies have shown that the reason why people with equal education now end up with each other is because ignorance is no longer an excuse (read an interesting article titled No excuse for Ignorance here). Everyone, in the recent world is expected to be educated, at least to some extent. You cannot sit at home when your mates are in school. Governments and private institutions are available and accessible for people. One’s levels of intelligence and financial capabilities are no more an excuse. You either go to a University, Polytechnic or a College of Education. Not having a certificate in this era is seen as a sign of lack of focus or perseverance. Maybe that is why the youths of nowadays carry their faces and hearts away from the uneducated ones.

Societal Social Class Difference

Another reason why it is not rampant for the educated ones to start a relationship with their counterparts is because of the status quo nature of our society coupled with the social class difference. The rich remain rich and the poor remain poor if the status quo is not changed. These rich people send their children to the rich schools and institutions where they meet other children from the same social class. Most students enter a relationship when they are in school. So, due to this, they have no other choice than to fall in love with a rich kid in their class or in the school. The children from middle and lower class attend institutions available to their social class where they meet other people of the same or related social class. This leaves them with no choice than to fall in love to someone in their social class. The uneducated ones and those on the streets hook up with people of the same calibre. This trend goes on and on like that.

Parent and Peer Pressure

Peer pressure and parental influence is another reason for same class relationship. If one wants to deviate from the status quo by having a relationship with someone of a lower class, the relationship will be kicked against by friends. The uneducated ones will be frustrated to leave the relationship by the friends and parents of the educated ones. The uneducated partner will be left out of the circle in occasions, events and meetings with his or her educated partner. We have heard of many instances where a partner is being made a laughing stock by friends and family members. The inferiority and superiority complex is also part of the status quo. The uneducated ones fear entering a relationship with those with educational qualifications. They feel dejected, inferior and being a shadow when they are with their educated partners, friends and relatives. They also prefer to go for someone of the same educational level rather than being an object of ridicule.

Personal Reasons

Many people are not influenced by any external factor to choose a partner with the same educational level. They are influenced by personal reasons which are the thirst for more knowledge and pride. The quest to tap more knowledge makes some people to prefer the educated ones like them. They feel they are more exposed to new ideas and know – how. This is common among the career minded people. They prefer going for a “guru” like them who will help them climb up to the peak of their educational ladder. They are not to be blamed because no one wants to be pulled down off his attained heights. That is why we see a professor with another professor, a lecturer, a scientist or with those with good brains. Although, this is not always true as there are few cases of exemptions. Pride is another personal reason. Some people are so proud that they cannot see themselves with someone with lower educational level. Thus, prefer to roll with people of the same mind.

There are cases where love has covered all differences. We now see few cases where a literate is in a relationship with someone with lower educational qualifications. But many things should be done to avoid future problems. The educated partner should make sure his or her partner is educated. Private tutorials can be organized for such partner. There are numerous evening lessons available for them. If the partner is still young, he or she should be enrolled in a school or a tutorial. Those with average education should be sent back to school to complete their education. Other means of attaining education should be embarked on.

It is very important to know how to read, write and speak in this jet age and so as to enjoy your partner better. If two partners are educated, their brains can be put together to make decisions with good outcome in the house. One will not feel dejected or thrown out in the relationship. There will be this boldness to attend well to partner’s visitors, friends and family members. The child that comes out of the relationship will be better off when they have educated partners. A mother that does not know how to read nor write will not be able to help the children at home nor have a good rapport with husband’s colleagues. She also stands to lose her spouse to side chicks( read about side chick here).

Have we ever wondered why the educated men with uneducated wives have other women outside their wedlock as trips companion despite their intense love for their wives? Little wonder why some of our past presidents’ and the present and past governors’ first ladies are not always their first wives. Be educated if you cannot stand another lady to take your position in the marriage. Love can be strengthened when the two partners have the same mind, brain and the same philosophy.

In conclusion, if you are in a relationship where you have a wide gap of education with your partner, help them to climb the ladder, stand up for them in public places and before your family members. Remember you have to strike a balance between your spouse and family members.( read about balancing between your spouse and family here)

Wish you Good luck

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