How to Make A guy Like you

Tips On How To Get A Guy You Like And Admire

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You do not have to dress tight, expose your body parts, have fat pockets, have a “wow” look, or express your feelings verbally before you win a guy’s heart. You might have a prince charming in your school, class, work place, as a friend or family friend that you always dream to be with or fantasize about. He might know of your feelings and pretend not to, he might be totally unaware that a lady is into him or might just be an “asshole” by forming big boy or hard to get. Do not worry ladies because here are some tips or steps to win his heart, turn him over to you and make him fall in love with you.

It used to be and still be a norm in Nigeria that men should always ask the women folk out,  things are now changing, many ladies are dying emotionally because of reasons and excuses like “what if he rejects me”, “people will think am cheap “,” he will tell his friends”, “am afraid of losing our friendship”  and lots more. Dear ladies, those excuses are nothing because guys also think of that before approaching a lady. Those questions also pop up in their heads. All they do is to carry themselves or act under the patriarchal system. Why can’t we also make use of our power as a woman and stop making the society determine our relationship or who we end up with?

Find Out More About Him

The first step is to find out if this guy has a serious relationship, someone he is dying for. If he does, you need to take your eyes off him so as to avoid destroying a sweet relationship or be a side chick. You wouldn’t like it if someone ruins your own relationship, especially when you find it hard to win him on your side. So, ladies, take off your eyes on the married and engaged men. After ascertaining if he is single, then you are good to go.

Confidence And Self-esteem Is Really Important.

Both do not mean pride but self-worth. Know and understand fully who you are as a woman. You are nothing but a carrier of nation that should be worshipped. Be happy with who you are, your physique, outlook, family background, strengths, also work on your weaknesses. Do not pretend to be who you are not, do not hide under another personality. Men love women with self-confidence. Your confidence should be feminine and on the average, not the ones that will put a guy off. Let that guy know that you are beautiful, hard working, focused, lovely and worthy to be with.

Smile More

Some women frown their faces always. Some do that in the name of being classy, disciplined and self-righteous. Why won’t you be single when you are always seen with a negative outlook? Always put on a smile, it makes you look more happy, beautiful, charming and attractive. But do not be extreme with it, it men can mistake you for a cheap score or an attention seeker if you over do it. Be approachable and open to people. Be the nice lady everyone run to for comfort, advice and care.

Maintain a constant eye contact with him anytime he is around.

Having a brief eye contact with a man smiling sends a signal to the man. The eye contact should not be long but let him notice you. Seduce him with your eyes and friendship. At least, that will invite him over to you for a talk, chat or conversation and no one knows what will come out of that. You two might get along, date or even get married.

Do away with any sign of desperation.

Your relationship with the guy should not send him away. Do not keep complaining of how sad you are with your status neither should you keep discussing marriage with such guy. Please, do not send the man you are trying hard to be with away. Let the man know you are fine with or without him (although you know you are dying inside for his love). Am not saying you should be playing “hard to get” or “miss independent” but instead, be on the average. Let him do some things for you, especially those that will bring close contact. Do not always reject his help or assistance but at the same time, do some things you are capable of doing yourself.

Physical appearance:

This is very important. Ladies, dress well, elegant and neat. Wear clothes that will not expose your boobs or buttocks. Let the guy be wondering how you look under the fabric. Do not feed his eyes freely with what he should be longing to see. It is true that men are moved with what they see. This saying does not depict body exposure or slitting of skirts to the anus. You can attract the guy with your smart dress, shoes, hair do, make-up and nice smell. Personal hygiene (read about good personal hygiene here) invites guys. Have regular bath, treat all form of body, hair, mouth or feet odour( read about preventing body and foot odour here). Always look good, wear a nice make-up, change your hair styles and be dynamic in your outfit. Let people around you always look up to seeing your new style and look. By doing this, that guy around you will always anticipate seeing you which might draw him close to you. Looking good and classy should not make you spend all the money you have. You should not go broke because you want to attract a man.

Watch the people you move with:

If you are the one on the middle or the other side of beauty, do not move with the beautiful ones. Your dream guy might get attracted to your friend instead of you. If you are beautiful and good looking, move with your opposite. Move with female friends that will not hinder your “parol”. Do not move in group every time, look for a way of being on your own when the guy is very close to you. If you are the type with lots of male friends, cut the ties and do not let them hinder you. You should not always be found among guys or always with a guy that you share no emotional feeling with. If you have this guy that likes hanging out with you, ask him to define the relationship. If both or one of you does not share the same feeling, please avoid such a relationship. Do not send Mr right away with lots of female or male friends around you.

Finally Go In For The Catch

After getting him close to you or after making him approach you, be confident as a lady. Do not be shy, nervous or exhibit any form of inferiority. Gesticulate when interacting with him, do not look down or away neither should you form a new habit of playing with your hair, eating fingernails or checking phone. Pay rapt attention to what he is saying, laugh and smile at his jokes even if they are not funny or of interest. Let him feel at home when talking with you. Do not be boring or afraid to be funny. Show him yourself, your talents, your intelligence and humor sense. You can lean over to him when discussing to hear him better, this send the signal that you are comfortable with him. Gentle touch on his arm or hands is not harmful, but don’t overdo it Do not spoil all what you have built. If the guy seems not to buy in to these tips, do not be angry or frustrated. Perhaps, he might not be the right guy for you, and there might be a better guy in the corner checking you out. Wish you ladies luck as you try winning the guy over.

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