Signs To Look Out For To Know A Cheating spouse

Warning Signs to Know Your Partner Is Cheating

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Cheating does not have anything to do with the gender of a person. Men as well as women can engage in the act of cheating but not everyone cheats. There are always signs whether hidden or obvious that your partner is cheating on you. You may notice the signs but you probably just discard the signs because you love them and trust them so much and you just cannot even think that they can ever cheat on you. You feel you two are not that kind of couple, you believe other people outside are the only ones that cheat and not your partner. Note that if your partner exhibits one or more of these signs, then there is a possibility that they are cheating on you. I used the word ‘’possibility’’ because there are really no definite signs, it does not mean that they are definitely cheating on you but if your partner exhibits some of these signs, you could talk about it with them and they may have reasonable explanations.

  1. When They Are Always Eager To Start A Fight

Normally, if your partner is the type that tries as much as possible to avoid fight and quarrels, but when he or she suddenly starts to fight and quarrel with you at every slightest opportunity and get offended over little things, it means they no longer enjoy spending much time with you because they have new people they spend time with now. This may depict that they get irritable when they are with you and they no longer enjoy your company. It is not something they do consciously though; it is just because there is someone else that is now in the picture who makes them happy.

  1. The Use of New Expressions

If your partner suddenly starts to use new words, expressions or languages that they did not always use before and they start to use words that they hated to hear before, then they just might be cheating (read more on why men cheat here) on you. They are hanging out and spending time very often with someone new and they picked up their new language unconsciously.

  1. Deleting of chats history, text messages, call logs

If your partner starts to delete everything on their phone from their call logs to their chats history, texts messages and every little thing, this can serves as hints that they are cheating (read more on why women cheat here). Some can tell you that they delete the chat histories because it makes their phone messy but know that it does not make sense at all times. Do not be deceived, your partner might be cheating on you with someone else. If they can actually take their time to delete any clue that can give them away, then something is fishy.

On the other hand, if your partner does not delete their messages and chats history but they put password on their text messages and the chatting apps like BBM and WhatsApp and their mails or when it is a problem for them to give the passwords freely to you, then you should be suspicious. A person who does not have anything to hide will not put passwords on his or her phone and will not have a problem with giving you their passwords. If they also have a hidden phone, a phone they did not tell you about, then you should know something is not right.

  1. They Stop Picking Their Calls In Your Presence

If your partner goes out to receive their calls or to make calls, then you should be worried. Something is not right. Your partner should not have issues with picking their calls or making calls in your presence unless of course there is something they are hiding and do not want you to know about. Also, if your partner always puts their phone on silence whenever they are with you with the excuse that they do not want any distractions. It sounds really sweet, right? Well, do not fall for it, most times they put their phone on silent because they do not want to have to either go out to pick calls, have awkward conversations or ignore their phone when it is ringing because this will definitely make you suspicious. So when they always put their phone on silent, you should also be suspicious.

  1. They Are Always Distracted and Withdrawn When They Are With You

When you are with your partner and you noticed he or she prefers to be pressing phone or deeply engrossed in chatting with someone else, laughing and checking their phone every little time as if they are expecting a message or a reply from someone, then my dear you are sharing your partner with someone else. Also, if they become suddenly withdrawn, they start to avoid spending time with you, if you are the one to beg before they agree to see you and when they finally do, they do not talk and play as much as they used to and they become strangely quiet then you should be concerned.

  1. Threats of Ending The Relationship

You should be worried if your partner constantly talks about the relationship ending or when they threaten to break up every time there is a little quarrel. When they suddenly become very negative about the relationship or when they no more see your positive sides, it might mean they are cheating on you and will not mind ending the relationship to be with this new person.

  1. Sudden Criticisms

There is an issue if your partner starts to criticize the things he or she used to love about you or if the things you do that they always love in the past, the gestures that you show that used to capture their heart suddenly starts to annoy them and they begin to have a problem with it, it may be the signs that he or she is cheating on you.

  1. Suspicious Act of Caring Attitudes

Watch out if your partner becomes very caring, like too caring compared to how they used to be in the past. It sounds like you should be glad that your partner has now become more caring right? Well, it could also be that your partner is acting that way because they feel guilty about what they are doing an they know that you do not deserve to be treated that way. They begin to be excessively caring and they buy you gifts always. Guilt only comes in the beginning. They always display this excessive caring attitude at the beginning of their cheating, the care then begins to reduce as time goes on.

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