Why Women Fall In Love with A Player

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

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Have you ever noticed the good guy never gets the good girl? It is always that bad boy who is cocky, who does not care, who does not pampers girls, the player who chases after girls just to get into their pants and leave them after, the ones who have many girls flocking around them and treat girls like thrash that always gets the good girl. There are even guys who were good boys before but they just never got any girl, they were either called boring or “too nice” and ultimately they are being friend zoned. No man wants to be in the friend zone of a girl he likes and wants to have a relationship with.

The good guys end up becoming frustrated and angry and he is pushed to take “lectures” from the bad guys so that they can be one of them. They cannot be blamed too; they see the bad guys getting the hot girls within the twinkle of an eye. You have probably been wondering why it is like that, here are some of the reasons why the bad guys always end with the good ladies.

  1. Bad Guys Are Funny

The first statement that always comes out from a bad guy’s mouth the first time he meets a girl is always funny and the girl will laugh and give him her the whole attention without him having to beg her whereas a nice guy may not really have his way with words and the girl will not even give him  attention. The bad guys are the ones who can make you laugh with every word that comes out of their mouth and then within a few minutes to a few days, the girl will really like him because there is no dull moment with him. She will discard other boys disturbing her because the bad boy never bores her unlike the nice guys who are quiet and boring.

  1. Bad Boys Are Confident

A bad guy’s approach towards a girl is different from that of the good guys, they have the self-esteem and confidence in the way they talk and you know what they say about confidence, it is very attractive. A good guy may start to stammer and not know what to say but the bad guy always know what to say to attract a lady.

  1. Most of Them Are Attractive

Most of the time bad guys are the ones with the tattoos, six packs, broad shoulders, nice and latest foot wears, bling etc. Even though the bad guy quality has nothing to do with size or age but most of the time, they are the ones who are physically attractive. After all they are aware of the fact that they are good looking and that is why they are always sure a girl will give them attention.

  1. Bad Boys Have The Thrill

Bad guys are the ones who will make you do things that you were always scared of doing, they are adventurous and they do not care. They always go about breaking the rules and making you look past your fear of something especially if you are the type that always like to play safe and obey all the rules or you grew up in an environment where they were strict rules that had to be followed. They will make you do things differently, dangerous things that you never saw yourself doing.

  1. They are friendly and Good Listeners

Believe it or not, bad guys are good listeners. Ironically, they are not listening because they care about you or your problems or what you are going through, it is just part of the plan to make you emotionally attached to them. They listen to your problems; especially your boyfriend problems and they will not give you negative advice or tell you to leave the guy or anything. In fact, they will just explain why the guy acted that way and justify your boyfriend actions; they know that if you say negative things about him, it will make their plan obvious. So when they encourage you to forgive him, you get touched that they probably are good at heart and it will make you to unconsciously like them a little bit more which is actually what they want to achieve. They even go as far as faking the feelings until they are able to get the girls to their bed and they later move on to other girls.

  1. They Know How To Have Fun

Some girls like bad boys because they want to have fun and they are looking for a guy that is ready to have fun without commitments. Most of the time, this type of girls just came out of a bad relationship (read more on how to handle heart-breaks here) and they tell themselves that love do not exist so they are looking for someone who will share the same idea as them. Of course, that is what the bad guys are for, they are not also looking for love or commitments, all they want to do is have fun with as much girls as they can and they really are not bothered about your feelings.

In conclusion, no one really wants the bad guys. Their motive is to sleep with girls and then be able to brag with their friends about the amount of girls they have had sex and they see it as their greatest achievement. They go after girls for the fun of it, they place bets with their friends to prove that the girl is cheap and to also prove that they can get absolutely any girl that they want to get. In some cases, some girls also feel that they can get a bad guy to drop the bad guy act and be committed to them.

Nobody can change unless they are ready to change and they see the need to change so you do not want to be the one staying with a bad guy and then hoping to change him and when you see that he does not change, you end up getting hurt. These guys end up changing when they realize they need to settle down not through force or through pressure (read on how to make a man propose here). It is better to save yourself the heartache of being jilted and run from these bad boys. The only ones lucky are the ones who meet them after they have changed.

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