How To Increase your job Satisfaction

Knowing More About Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is the feeling a worker has towards his or her job. This can also be defined as the rate of happiness, joy and contentment an individual has towards his or her source of income. Some workers like their jobs while others do not. Those that love their work have high job satisfaction while those who do not derive contentment with their job have no or low job satisfaction. The income, wages or salaries attached to a job does not always determine the level of satisfaction. Some people with high wages are not satisfied with what they are doing while some with low income feel satisfied and happy with their work. There are two values associated with work satisfaction. They are the extrinsic and the intrinsic values.

  1. The Intrinsic values

These are factors that come from within, the innate or internal factors that determine an individual’s happiness with a job. The first is the emotional attachment with the work. Some people are satisfied with their work because they are in love with it. These people are those that find themselves doing what they like to do. For example, a born-artist will be happy drawing and making sculptures, even if the pay is not encouraging. The intrinsic value does not focus on the remuneration attached to the job. All what matters to such worker is the inner feeling of joy, happiness and achievement. The intrinsic values are the natural motivation a person get from his or her work.

  1. The Extrinsic Values

These values are the external factors that determine the level of job satisfaction of a worker. These include the work conditions,nature of work, remuneration, bonuses, communication level, informal relationship with colleagues and authority. People that are satisfied because of the extrinsic values tend to be less committed if there is any breach of contract or any change in work condition. They tend to quit when things are not going fine and are less dedicated to their work. Some of them can leave a workplace for another job looking for the intrinsic values. Those with intrinsic values are more satisfied than those with the extrinsic values.

How To Increase Worker’s Satisfaction

The rate by which workers derive satisfaction from their work is very important and does not only depend on their income. When workers are not satisfied with their work, the output and level of productivity of the organization will drop.  There will be high labour turnover, rate of absenteeism and strike among them (read about absenteeism,strike and labour turnover here) . It is important for the manager, owner and those in authority to increase the level of their worker’s satisfaction. Here are few things to do to motivate workers.

  1. Communication

Communication and conversation between the management and workers are important. The management should meet with the workers or their trade unions to know what their interests, wants and needs are. Open forum where issues will be discussed should be organized. Agreements should be made between the management and the workers in form of collaboration. The organization should also make known their interests and review those of the workers.

  1. Good Work Condition

Workers should be provided conducive and safe work environments. Hazards and work-related danger, waste products, poisonous gases should be eradicated. The safety of the workers should be held at high esteem. The workers will be motivated to work when they know that their well-being is the management’s concern.

  1. Good Wages and Benefits

The remuneration given to workers should encourage them to work and increase their satisfaction. The monthly income should be regular. Incentives, bonuses, work benefits, insurances, work-leave should be given to workers as a form of appreciation and reward for the hard-working ones. The workers will be more satisfied when they are more rewarded.

  1. Informal Relationship in Formal Organisation

There should be a form of informal relationship in workplace. The workers should be free with co-workers and the authority. Work place should not be a battle field or a place where people will always paddle their canoes. People should be able to interact with one another, greet and exchange pleasantries when necessary. The management should be understanding and respect their workers’ feelings.

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