Reasons to check your eyes

10 Reasons why you should do your Eye checkup

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Eye examinations should be a regular part of your health check-up regime. Try to fix up an appointment every 6 months with your ophthalmologist. Take up some preventive measures before your vision gets affected. 

Eye test is not a mere routine of reading out the eye test chart. They are a very good means to keep a check on your vision acuity and any other underlying health conditions. If you are still not convince to book your appointment yet, then below are some reasons which we have listed out which you might take into considerations to agree with us.

1. A Routine eye check-up will help in identifying any protracted health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, thyroid, tumors, etc. The health of your eyes is an indicator of your total health.
2. Common eye conditions like Cataract, Glaucoma, Keratoconus, or any other retinal issues can well get detected on time. A comprehensive eye test is a must to identify these conditions.3. If you are using eyeglasses or contact lenses, eye examination is a must for you on a regular basis. Because your eyesight do not remain the same. If it does, you are lucky. Your sight can change over time. Go for a check-up at regular intervals in order to identify any change in your prescription.

4. Once you reach your 40s, you will develop issues with your sight. It will be hard for you to focus on nearby objects even if you have been able to see things clearly until recently. With the advancing age everyone develops presbyopia. Timely intervention will help in reducing some of the clutches like headache, strain in the eyes, etc. cause by the diminishing eyesight.

5. Most of the common eye conditions are hereditary in nature. A regular eye examination can help you in determining your family history including eye problems. It may help in prevention of adverse consequences of vision lost before it is too late.

6. Your, otherwise normal, young ones all of a sudden may start pulling behind their academics or school activities. This may not all relate to learning difficulties and other behavioral issues. It may have been simply caused by poor vision. An elementary eye examination can help you identify the problem and save your young one from going through anxiety.

7. For any reason, you might have been through an eye surgery, it may be due to conditions like cataract or just a cosmetic reasons like getting a Lasik. Whatever may have been the reason, a regular eye examination can help you in maintaining the health of your eyes. It can also help in the prevention of worsening of any such conditions?

8. By any chance if you have met with any eye injury or accident it becomes essential for you to get eye examination done on a regular basis. It can help in preventing further atrophy.

9. Most of the people are not usually born with an eye problem. They may develop during the course of a lifetime. Some of the most common issues develop because of insufficient intake of diet. For example; Colour blindness is caused by deficiency of Vitamin A in your diet. A thorough eye examination can confirm this condition. With proper intake of supplements and diet it can be treated. Hence restoring your vision.

10. Lastly, for any minor reason, if you have been having trouble with your vision or with your eyes you should get an eye examination done. Remember most of the reason for blindness are avoidable. Millions of people suffer because they didn’t pay attention to minor vision issues.

So do not hold back or delay your eye examination. Take up prevention before it is too late and the damages becomes irreversible.

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