The Miraculous Works Moringa Plant

The Miraculous Works of Moringa Oleifera Plant

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Moringa is no longer new to some people but it is still strange to few people. But it is worthy to say Moringa is a plant known to many, whether in their own language or simply as “Moringa”. Some call it different names, like “wonder plant”, “miracle plant” . Moringa plant belongs to the Family “Moringaceae” and Genus” Moringa”, and up to 13 species have been identified. The name is derived from the word murungail/muringa, the Tamil or Malayalam word for a drumstick.

In many African languages, it is called “nebedaye”, which can be translated as “never die” in English. This plant is mostly found in Africa and Asia and was first discovered in the Northern part of India. Different languages have different names for calling Moringa. Some of which include Sahjan, marango, drumstick tree, sajna, horseradish tree, mother’s best friend, miracle tree, murunga. It is called “Ewe Igbale” in Yoruba, “Zogella” in Hausa and “Idagbo Monoye” in Igbo.  Moringa has different species which include Moringa ovalifolia, Moringa stenopetala, Moringa arborea and Moringa oleifera. The commonly used specie of Moringa is the Moringa oleifera.

Moringa can be taken in form of tea which contains flavonoids and antioxidant or can be eaten. The seeds are eaten by people with health issues and those that want to live healthily. The seeds are sweet in taste but later turn bitter in the mouth.  However, it is of importance to note that all parts of Moringa oleifera such as the flowers, seeds, leaves, roots, barks can be of many benefits to human. It can be consumed by all with little or no side effects when taken with adequate prescriptions.

The plant is all round as it is medicinal and beneficial to health and the skin. The use of Moringa is used in the traditional medicine (read more about traditional medicine here) by the herbalists to cure diverse illness and ailments.

Benefits of Moringa Plants

Few out of the many benefits of Moringa plant are discussed in the following paragraphs.

  1. Moringa plant serves asmultivitamins and source of proteins and amino acids necessary for body growth. Moringa oleifera is a good source of multivitamins and  it has been discovered in science world that Moringa oleifera can provide 7 times the vitamin c of oranges, 4 times the vitamin a present in carrots, 2 times the protein that yogurt can provide, 3 times more the iron that spinach can provide, 3 times the potassium present in banana. Moringa also acts as Vitamin D  which helps in building strong bones. Moringa contains all the essential amino acids needed for normal functioning of human body. Amino acids being the building block of protein, which acts in body growth, repair and maintaining of body cells.
  2. The juice fromMoringa oleifera  leaf  as a regulatory effect on blood pressure and is believed to control blood sugar level and reduces the risk of diabetes. Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, anemia, epilepsy, are cured by the plant. Moringa also helps in balancing the cholesterol and fat level in the body. Regular consumption of Moringa leaves improves the body natural defense mechanism to fight against germs, and harmful agents causing diseases (read more about diseases here).
  3. The leaf juice also is used as skin antiseptic which helps to heal skin injuries. The plants also help in the beautification, softening and the maintenance of dry skins.  The application of the juice to the face reduces body wrinkles, spots, pimples and other skin problems. Boils and fungi infections are treated with Moringa trees. Snakebites venom can also be extracted with Moringa plant
  4. The leaf of Moringa has also be discovered to serve as purgative, aids digestioncures diarrheaconstipation, and stomach upset. The roots of Moringa plant has been proved in traditional medicine to control disorders of the circulatory system, for stimulating appetite and to improve the functioning of the digestive tract.
  5. The leaf also contains detoxifying substances and excess body acids which makes the body not to be conducive for habitation by bacteria and parasites and viral infections. Kidney stones and inflammation are removed with the plant as they improve the overall kidney function by enabling the body to flush out excess calcium and phosphates from the kidney more efficiently.
  6. 6. Moringa plants are a good source of energy to the body and reduce obesity. They help to treat sexual related problems (read about Sexual Transmitted Diseases here), sterility and reproductive problems in both men and women. Taking the plant can increase sex drive and works on the libido.  Moringa can also act as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Science research has proved that Moringa contains certain elements present in its root which can cure ovarian cancer. The secretion of breast milk in pregnant and breast feeding women are increased with the consumption of Moringa plants.
  7. Headaches can be cured when the leaves are rubbed on the forehead. Body pains and joint pains can be reduced when the leaves are rubbed on the body. The plant works on the brain cells, enhance memory and cures mental illnesses such as the Alzheimer’s (read more on mental illness here).
  8. One of the benefits of Moringa unknown to many people is its importance in water purification. Moringa seeds mixed with impure water can help in absorbing the impurities in such water and helps to coagulates dirt and helps in the purification of dirty water.

 Necessary Cautions with Moringa Plants

  • Only the seeds, fruits and seeds are edible.  The roots of the plant should not be eaten raw as it contains poisonous substances that can lead to organ damage, paralysis or death.
  • Pregnant women and those breastfeeding should not take the roots, barks or flowery parts of the plant because it can result to miscarriages and womb contract.
  • Moringa roots, seeds, and other plants should be well processed and cooked before eaten. Medical practitioners prescriptions and dosages should be strictly followed when taking the plant or its products.

In conclusion, the Moringa plant has been proved to offer a wide range of health and medical benefits and recognized by health workers. A single plant with almost all its part having important functions in ensuring the overall human health is indeed a miracle plant. Moringa is a plant which is easy to access, available and can be grown even in semi-arid lands.

Live Healthily!!!

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