Job Security In Nigeria

Job Security In Nigeria

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There is a becoming need for people especially those of the working class, to get a constant job. Many of us are beginning to see that part of what distinguishes an employed individual from another, is the type of job and how secured it is. A secured job is that in which the individual would only have a little chance of becoming unemployed. That is to say, the person with a secured job is expected to remain employed for a good period of time probably until retirement age or when the person decides to leave the job. Sometimes the amount of pay is not a determinant to how secured a job would be.

Secured jobs find location across various sectors and segment of labour and productivity. It is not absolutely true that only the public jobs are the secured jobs. The things that make for a secured job may not necessarily be constant factors. We could term them to be variables, because of their possible change. Basic economic theories would support that economic expansion would influence business labor input and output and thus job security; but this too, is subject to change as economic recession may set in at any time.

In actual sense and/or professionally, there is no job that is totally secured. What differs is the level of security and may be dependent on performance ability. In Nigeria, the federal government jobs are seen to be much more secured than jobs from capitalist or private individuals. This may or may not be true, as there are known reputable firms and organizations that are not government runned, but still ensure a high level of job security for its employees(inasmuch as a variance has not changed to an adverse negative). Although, the reason why people would want to doubt the sustainability of non government jobs may include but is not limited to the following reasons:

  1. The Size of The Labor Market

There are so many people who are willing and able to work and also have all the requirement to work but still don’t have jobs. This makes labor very cheap and rational capitalists would want to reduce the cost of labor to the least minimum. This makes them hire and fire at will, reducing job security. This is quite different in the public sector where the goal is not to make profit; the government may also be weak in monitoring the performance of people that are employed.

  1. Limited Number of People With The Required Technical Know-How

We wouldn’t be wrong if we attribute this to the poor state of education in the country (read about fall of education standard in Nigeria). The people may be willing to work but would not meet the requirement. So such people when  employed (if employed at all) end up been fired, when someone better qualified comes along. Most unskilled or little skilled jobs are what people in this class end up with. The type of jobs they do are temporal or even seasonal, thus at a particular time when the demand for their labor is required, then laid off when the assignment is performed.

The Importance of Trade Unions To Secure Employment

Labor and trade unions could be very instrumental to ensuring that a worker remains at his work for as long as he wants. Thus we see workers under the protection of these unions going on protest (read more about trade disputes here) and downing their tools, on events that an employer/entrepreneur (although government especially) retrench workers on a basis that is thought to be improper. As such, they are able to establish some security when the employer has it registered that he couldn’t just take any such decision.

The way to influence job security would include change of location sometimes. The higher the unemployment rate, the less secured the job would be in a area. If those willing and able to work at a particular time are reduced, then the employer would not have many options of a replacement. Government labor Acts and Regulations may stipulate that a worker at a particular job must not be removed until at a certain time. With this, the employer is assumed that his/her job cannot be stopped, except if an offense is committed.

As a worker in an organization or public office, it is important that the individual further his or her education as much as possible. He should be readily able to make good use of modern methods, applications, instruments and equipments. These are the essentials of a secured job!

Good luck!!!

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