How To Make Your Man Propose To You

How To Make Your Man Propose To You

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We are in a generation where people especially men are actually scared of tying the knots because they are scared of lifetime commitment. Some of them believe that commitments when you are in a relationship and when you get married are different. Some are just scared of the idea of getting married and being with that one person for the rest of their lives. There are various reasons while your spouse has not proposed to you, but have you ever thought about the fact that maybe you might be one of the reason, read on to know how to make your man propose to you

For the ladies whose spouse is not yet financially okay to get married or the relationship is still new and you guys are just getting to know each other, you do not need to stress yourself about it. It may not really be about you, he may just not feel capable of getting married yet. But for you to be sure those are the only factors hindering him from proposing, make sure that you guys are on the same page, talk about it and be rest assured that when things get okay, he will definitely be ready to get married to you.

For the ladies who are in a serious relationship with their partners for a long time and there is nothing stopping him from getting married, you guys are in a good place, he is financially okay, he has his house, his car and he is able to take care of your needs and can even take care of your future kids. So you begin to get worried that maybe he just does not want to get married to you, you begin to panic and have different negative thoughts about him and the relationship.  Well, maybe you are doing things that are making him think that proposing to you may not be a good idea. Here are the things to do to make him propose to you.

  1. Do Not Nag About It

Are you always talking about the issue of marriage?. You probably bring up the issue at any little opportunity or you always talk about your friends or his friends who are married and then you just always hammer on the issue. Maybe you do not give him breathing space and men do not like to be put in tight corners. Stop talking and nagging about the issue of marriage. Although you really want to get married but there is the need to  control yourself not to. You may just talk about it once in a while but do not make it a daily routine and do not bring up topic of marriage at any chance you get. Bringing up the topic often and nagging him often will make him feel pressured and he may perceive you as desperate and you may actually end up chasing him away because trust me, no man wants to be with a woman who is desperate.

  1. Do Not Tie Your Life To Him

The truth of the matter is that men want ambitious women, women who have goals, dreams and women who struggle to achieve them. Men are attracted to independent women and not liabilities. Some women do not have anything going for them apart from the men that they are with. If their partners are removed from the picture, they do not have anything they are trying to achieve in their life. If you are that type of woman, you need to get up and make something out of your life. Maybe you are the type that had goals but you just stopped chasing them and you made everything in your life about your partner, you need to go back to the drawing board and make something of your life. Maybe it was because you were ambitious that your husband got attracted to you in the first place and now those things he loved about you are no more there. So stop making everything in your life about your partner, try to carve a niche for yourself because the both of you are separate individuals.

Also, do not chase away your friends because you now have a partner. Live your life too because I bet he is not chasing his friends away for you. So just enjoy life, hang out with your friends and just do things for you, do not make everything about him.

  1. Do Not Do Things Just Out of The Desire To Make your Man Propose

Ladies actually try too hard when they are trying to make their man propose. Do not do everything and anything just to make him propose. You are trying so hard to impress him and to be the perfect girlfriend because you think it will make him realize that you are marriage material. Truth is, sometimes trying too hard just puts a man off, men know when you are trying too hard. After all he saw you the way you are before he wanted the relationship with you, so do not lose sight of yourself because you are trying to impress your man.
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Do things out of love because when you are in love with someone, the little efforts will not stressful. But when the relationship is beginning to look like serious work, you need to calm down because after you put all the stressful efforts and you do not still get the proposal, you will become angry, frustrated and hurt when in actual truth, nobody sent you message.

  1. Have A Honest conversation

You need to be sure that he is not having doubts about you and the relationship. Just because you feel that you guys are in a good place and just because you are sure that he is the one for you does not mean that he feels the same way. He may be having some kind of doubts and he may not feel that you are the one for him. For you to be sure that you guys are on the same page, you need to communicate (read about communication in a relationship here) with him. Have a honest conversation about the relationship and you need to let him know that he needs to be really honest about how he really feels about the relationship. You need to be sure that you are not wasting your time and that he is not just keeping you pending the time he finds someone else. You should also let him know that you are not the one doing the things that are scaring him away.

You need to know so that if it is not about you and if along the line you guys stopped being on the same page, you could make up your time if it is time to move on. Time waits for no one especially in our culture where there is always pressure on the ladies to get married when they reach a particular age. Having an honest conversation will make you be aware of the situations of things and act if necessary.

Good Luck.

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