Tips to Keep and Maintain a Relationship

Tips to Keep and Maintain a Relationship

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After finally getting the love of your life, you need to know of how to keep your relationship interesting. You need to know how to keep things rolling and how to make things work. Many people fall out of love, some could not endure the challenges in their relationship and over time they end up drifting away from their spouse. Contributions should be made by both partners in their quest of having a lasting relationship.

The first step is to be friends with your partner.

The foundation to a relationship is friendship. When the initial love spike finally clears, friendship will sustain you both. If your relationship is new, build your friendship level, get to know each other and discuss the future together. Let your lover be your bff (best friends forever). Express yourself with him or her, let your partner know your strengths and weaknesses. Do not feel shy with him. If you are talkative, talk your heart out to your partner. If you have a radio as your spouse, be ready to listen. Friends do not hide things from each other and they are free to discuss things with each other. Play together as friends, be each other’s confidant and have each other’s backs.


You can’t say you are in love without hearing from your partner for days. Calls, text messages, chats are all important in a relationship. Do not allow distance or breakage in communication to affect your relationship. Discuss everything, desires, expectations and how to move your relationship forward. Set goals and plan your future together. Make comments when necessary. Study your partner’s mood before certain discussions, know when he or she is in the best mood for certain discussion.

Care, affection and gifts go a long way

Lovers are expected to shower love and care on each other. It should be reciprocated. Be available in times of need, stress and pain. Comfort each other with words and affection. Let your partner know how much you cherish him or her and the relationship.  Look after, cook and be there for your partner when ill. Ask after each other’s day and activities. Also, do not be tight fisted in your relationship. Give gifts when you have the money. This act should be reciprocated often. Surprise each other with gifts on normal days and during anniversaries. No gift is little as they are seen as  prove of love. Under wears, perfumes, sprays, cosmetics, neck ties, belts, shoe polish and favourite music discs are the affordable materials that can be presented as gifts. A relationship will be boring without these items. A man who always gives without receiving from his girlfriend might get tired and less motivated to give. This life is based on give and take.
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Be Committed and Spend time to be together

Be committed to the relationship. Make sacrifices and input more in the relationship to make it work. Visitations, spending the weekend or some days with your partner, going on trips or vacations together bring lovers close to each other. Close relationship allow one to know the flaws and hidden things about one’s partner. This enhances the process of knowing each other better which will reduce the time bomb that will explode as surprises during marriage. Being together will expose things like the cooking skill, hygiene( read about good hygiene here), sleeping posture, snoring act, eating habit and table manners and other more discreet behaviours or attitudes that are not made open. You get to know more about your spouse like godliness, faithfulness and sexual abilities.

Learn to Forgive and Forget

When hurt by your partner, do not keep malice with your partner but speak your mind out. Give opportunity for explanations for the reason behind their acts. Do not jump into conclusions. Get angry but forgive your partner for errors and mistakes made.  A day should not be spent with resentment in your heart. Walk through your conflicts, be ready to apologise for your errors, do not make excuses when you are guilty, learn to say “am sorry” and be ready to forgive when you are wrong. Watch your anger and utterances when angry. Do not act or say anything that can lead to chains of quarrel. Do not be forced to raise your hand on your partner. Conflicts are inevitable, but you should not allow them to affect your relationship. Work through the hilly part of the journey together because life is not a bed of roses.

Avoid nagging

Nagging is common among women. Some men also criticize ladies. These people tend to repeat words and issues that have been discussed. Negative aspects of a partner must not be dwelled on. Mistakes made should not be made reference to over and over again. Do not remind your partner of his incapabilities or flaws. Repeating complaints should be minimized in relationship. A partner knows what is good and what is not and does not need to be reminded of what he should do. Nagging frustrates relationship and scares away the partner who is being criticised. If an issue is to be corrected, it should be done once in a lovely way and not a confrontational way, then give your partner enough time to work on the raised issue.

Honesty, Trust and transparency

Do not lie in your relationship. Honesty is the key to trust. People can only see you as being trust worthy when you are honest. Let your life be transparent to the extent of your spouse vouching for your sincerity. Clear all doubts and issues affecting trust level. Fulfill your promises when due, let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no. Be where people believe you are. If the trust level has once been broken, forgive and build it again. Be open and stop locking phones with codes. This creates trust issues. When locking phones, password should not be kept from the partner. Do not cheat on your partner. Be faithful and clean so that surprise visit will not scare you. Discuss your past and be honest with it.


A relationship filled with romance lasts than its counterpart. Introduce romantic activities like hugging, holding hands, strolling in the streets, kissing, touching, playing, laughing hard together, carrying of each other and lots more. Make your spouse happy. Profess your love for each other verbally and regularly.

In Conclusion

Remember all it takes to start a relationship(read about how to make a woman say yes here) is just love, to keep the relationship, you need, love, commitment, trust, sacrifices, forgiving spirit, discipline and lots more.

Wish you the best in your venture

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