7 Tips On How To Live a Healthy Life

7 Tips On How To Live a Healthy Life

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Living a healthy life is easy and at the same time requires special attention.  Living in diseases, illness or sickness are challenging and disrupt activities. It is uncalled for to spend income on sickness when one can avoid falling sick in the first place. All aspects of our lifestyles need to be reviewed to know whether we are living well or moving towards good health. Attention should be given to all areas starting from the food eaten, personal hygiene, daily life activities, our environment to the psychological and mental health. Nobody is expected to be deprived of good health. Children, youths, adults, men and women are entitled to and should live a healthy life. There are some ways of life essential to the overall body health of human being, some  of which are discussed in this article. Those who are far from a healthy life should take note of these points and those with good health should not relent their efforts.

  1. Avoid Too Much Sun

Our day to day activities requires us moving about, and sometimes it might be very  sunny and scorching. Also, we  go to ATM stands to withdraw money for our sustenance which makes us stand under the sun. These situations do not help our health but rather exposes our body to skin burns, spots, eye defects and others. It is very healthy to stay out of the sun either by the use of umbrellas or staying under a shade. Sun glasses should be used to prevent the entering of sun rays into the eyes.

  1. Shun Loneliness

There is a general convention that loneliness can lead to heart disease, inflammation and the swelling of body parts, depression and death. Staying indoor all by yourself with no one to talk or relate with is dangerous to the physical and emotional health. Go out today, go out with friends, share your ideas and how you feel  with them because it is a very good and  healthy way of living. Dine with people who are healthy and health  conscious and it will improve your living.

Research has shown   that ‘a person is an  average of 5 people he or she  hangs out with’. This simply depicts that the caliber of people you move with tells more about you.

  1. Watch What You Eat

A person that wants to live healthy must know the level of his or her appetite. If you are the type that eat excess  food, try and detect the reason(s) why you over eat. Some people eat too much because of their high appetite, failure, depression (read on how to be free from depression), boredom or mental illness. Then a method or methods  to curtail the eating habit must be devised. Engaging in hobbies, reading or busy schedule tend to reduce over eating.  Foods that contain low fat and sugar content should be eaten. Avoid being a glutton and learn how to say NO to some meals.

Water(at least 8 cups in a day), fruit juice, fresh fruits, vegetables should be taken regularly(read on the importance of food and water here). Avoid taking sod, alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine are diuretics in the sense that they speed-up the rate at which urine is being produced. Soda is not also healthy for the body system because it leads to weight gain. Alcohol leads to the kidney malfunction and destroy the internal body organs. Balanced diet and abstinence from hard  drugs or alcohol improves the health.

  1. Spend Less Time Sitting

Human beings by our very nature always want to be comfortable and be  at our comfort zones thereby sitting all day in our office attending to files, or sitting comfortably on the  couch at home watching series of movies on our personal computers and television screens. All these will do our health no good, it only makes one look  aged and very old even at  young age. The body needs a little exercise (read more about exercise here) , a little walk or jog down the street every morning before driving to work. Body fit exercise helps to burn the calories in the body systems. Make a deliberate effort to move about and sit less as this will increase and improve your physical activeness and health condition.
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  1. Prepare Your Meal

To live healthy, it is good to go to market ,buy food stuffs and prepare your meal  yourself. This saves you the stress of choosing or ordering hygienic meal. Cooking your meal gives you the ability to determine the ingredients, spicy, the salt and pepper proportion, and the grace to evaluate your cooking skills. Joy and happiness follows when you eat your hand-cooked meal. You tend to have cooking utensils and kitchen equipments if you always cook your meal yourself.  Money will be conserved when you eat home-made meal instead of junks, processed and fast foods. Your overall health will be nourished when you eat a well cooked meal.

  1. Maintain A Good Dental And Body Hygiene

Maintaining good dental hygiene does not only make you look lovely and desirable, but also keeps your gum healthy, teeth strong and prevent mouth odour. it is  advisable you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Form the habit of rinsing your mouth after each meal and  also floss your teeth after taking sugary or sweetened meal or snacks. Sweats, chewing gum intake should be reduced to the minimal. In addition, good body hygiene (read more on personal hygiene here) should be developed. Take your bath in the morning and before going to bed.

  1. Always Take Deep Breathe

A very vital source of life is oxygen. Majority of us do not know how to breathe in the right way. All we do is shallow breathing. It is advisable to always breathe deep; in and out during the day. Deep breathe keeps our lungs to be in a perfect condition which in return boost our health.

Live Healthy!!!

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