The Importance of Giving In A Relationship

Give and Take: The Twin Concept of Love

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Giving is essential in any relationship, be it in friendship or in a romantic relationship. Giving is the product and the evidence of love. If you cannot give, you do not love. Some people find it hard to give to others while some give freely without holding back. There are many things that can be given out to someone we love. Money is not the only thing that should be given out to those we love. Our time, attention, care, heart, and love should also be given out. Many people are stingy with all these things which are meant to serve as the ingredients in their relationship. Some are so stingy with their time that they might not be less busy to hear from their partners or see them for months. They hide under the excuses of work and their busy schedules.

On the other hand, it is also good to accept any nice offers given to you by your partner. Know that they are extending their generosity out of love. So, do not always reject any harmless offers by forming being independent. No matter the size, quantity and the worth of what you were being given, always do well to accept them with sincerity and joy. Do not be proud to look down on anything. A relationship should entail giving and receiving at both sides.

Attitudes of People Towards Giving and Receiving

People have different attitude towards giving and receiving. Some do not give at all, some base their giving on some conditions, some do not know how to appreciate gifts or to say “thank you” while some people do not reciprocate giving.

  1. Those That Do Not Give

Those that do not give at all do so because of many reasons. If your partner or your friend does not have the attitude or the nature of giving when they have, please be careful of those people. If love is present in any relationship, giving will not be difficult. It is understandable if your partner is in tight condition which is hindering him/her from giving. But if not, know that your stingy boyfriend or girlfriend is another person’ ATM (read more about ATM here). You can only be assured of your partner love for you by their generosity, no matter how small it is. Those experiencing financial difficulties will still give the little they have, and when things get better for them, you will have no problem with them. There are many exemptions which is found among the players or those that keep side chicks.

  1. Those That Give On Conditions

Another category of people are those that give based on some conditions. Some men do not give until they have their partners’ bodies, some do not give until they are sure of their partners’ sincerity and faithfulness. Some ladies do not give their “lee boos” until their partners have spent so much on them. Some even have this notion of being tight fitted until their boyfriends propose marriage. This should not be so when love abounds. All these notions should be corrected because giving should not be restricted. Men should not wait until they are given sex before they give in their all in a relationship. Ladies should not also wait until they have been given some amount of money from their men.

3. Those That Do Not Appreciate Gifts

Also, there are some people that do not appreciate gifts. Some have this bad attitude, especially if they are not given what is expected. The rich partner are also fond of not appreciate the small gift given to them. Another way of not showing appreciation is through nagging when things do not turn out in your favour. This happens when a partner is disappointed, when needs are not met or when they are being delayed. Lovers should learn how to be sensitive and should understand their partners. There is a need to know that situations changes and a person that do not give on time or that stops giving will have a tangible reason for doing that. A pause or a stop in giving might not necessary depict a reduction or end in love. Another way of not appreciating giving is by not making use of the material gifts given by a partner. The gifts given are not meant for decoration. Even if you are independent and have the ability of taking care of yourself (read more about independent women here), do not hesitate to appreciate whatever you are being offered.

Other Things Given Apart From Money

There are other means of giving apart from money. A person that loves will not only give cash but also his or her time, calls and other things that worth it. Phone calls during the day and night is also a way of giving. Sacrifices made to sustain a relationship are also important ways of giving. Couples should learn how to give their time, energy, attention, advice and shoulders to lean on.

If you have been rejecting offers from your partner, it will be good to stop the act. There are some things a lady should not do. Do not put it to your spouse that you are okay without his help even if you are. Little affection, care and gifts from him will boost his ego that he is also responsible. If he is not giving you, he is giving some other ladies who know his worth. Ladies should also learn how to return phone calls. Some ladies are fond of flashing and sending “call me back” text message thus expecting their partners to call back. Some even do not call even if the credit was sent to them by their fiancés.

We should note that not all those that give love us. That is, giving is not a 100% proof of love because playboys and those keeping side chicks can be generous givers of money and material gifts.  These play boys do not see any big deal in lavishing money on ladies. There is need for ladies to be watchful because there are men out there who give only because they want to keep you around them. Be careful not to be blindfolded with money because you might be a side chick (read about about side chick here). Watch out for love and at the same time, watch out for their giving nature. Giving is a vital prove of love. Let us start giving.

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