How To Be Free From Depression

How To Be Free From Depression

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Stress is a problem encountered by people on a daily basis. Its accumulation sometimes leads to depression. Only few people are happy and contented with their lifestyles while the majority are not happy and always want to improve their lifestyle. Many things, both the pleasant and unpleasant happenings arise at work places. Traffics on the way back home also adds to the frustration leading to the accumulation of stress.

The Meaning of Depression

This is a state of mind when one feels the whole word is against him, feels sad and sorrowful about what has previously happened or what is happening at present. This makes the subject dejected and isolated. Blood pressure, emotional disturbances, diabetes, mental disorders (read more about mental health) and many other health issues are some of the effects of constant tension and this leads to depression. What goes on in the mind will surely reflect on the body. The several ways to be free from depression are discussed below. These are the daily guides of which if strictly adhered to, depression or stress (read more about stress here) will be a thing of the past in one’s life.

  1. Be Social and Open To Friends

One of the crucial steps to take to be free from depression is to be a sociable person. You should try to meet new people, share ideas with your friends because you never can tell if their ideas will be the lasting solution to your problems. Nowadays we tend to stay indoor with our phones as we can now do every of our communications through the Internet(read about networking here) with our mobile phones and portable computers, which  deprive us of meeting new friends or going out with the old ones to rob minds together and trash out issues that are disturbing our mind . Two hours outside with a friend will do you a lot of good and can serve as a boost to your morale and of course change your mood too.

2. Engaging In Exercises

Researches have  established it that engaging in some fitness exercises(read more on exercise here) boosts morale and changes mood because it  produces a natural endorphin which is the hormone that is responsible for good mood, increase rate of assimilation and learning. Engaging in exercises also helps to keep you busy and also keep you away from your worries. For instance, you cannot be thinking of your worries when during the jogging exercise.

  1. Writing or Journaling

Writing is another way of keeping off the   depression zone and a way of freeing yourself from worries. When writing, you release your emotions and feelings. This act enables you to speak your mind through the pen which is free from criticisms, attacks or condemnation from friends and families. Keeping a journal helps to release the unfiltered thought, provides a way of pondering on how to proffer solutions rather than keeping them in your head.

  1. Have An Optimistic Mind

Depression can be eradicated by being optimistic in thoughts, having a positive minded personality. Do not be pessimistic even when things are not rosy or things are not turning out as planned or as expected. Always have the belief that things will work together for good. Remember life is not a bed of roses, and to every sky has silver linen. So always hope for the best in every situation you find yourself, don’t accept defeat easily, fight to the end and pursue your dreams.  Be grateful all the time because every moment you live to see on this earth is worth thanksgiving . Having a positive mind results to the achievement of set goals.

  1. 5. Taking Fruits and Eating Balanced Diet

Our daily consumed meals affect  the health, nourishes the brain and the body as well. Also, regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables help the body , brain, mind and soul  to be in very good shapes. The locally-grown foods are rich in vitamin D  (read on the importance of food and fruits here) also helps in the development of the brain. Imported and canned foods should be avoided because they are being preserved with chemicals which are not healthy for the body. The intake of water reduces dehydration.  Research has shown that 95% of our body contains water. Low or no water intake lead to body pains and headaches, which may lead to depression. Thus, there should be an increase in water intake to reduce depression.

  1. 6. Listening To Music and Engaging In Hobbies

Neuroscientists have proved that listening to  favourite tunes or music  can boost one’s mood and makes one’s feel better. The songs you love so much can also trigger the release of dopamine (a  neuro chemical responsible for activating the pleasure centre to the body) to the brain.  Also engage yourself in your hobbies by doing what you enjoy doing in leisure periods. Engaging in the activities that you enjoy doing will surely reduce the stress levels and have some positive impacts on your health such as low blood pressure and low cholesterol.  For example, a person that loves flowers should go on a picnic with friends or  visit the gardens for sightseeing.

7. Say No To Alcohol and Drugs

Some depressed and unhappy people  decide to relax through smoking  and alcoholic drinks. These acts do not help ones mood but rather harm the vital body organs. Thus, it is good to deny oneself of these toxic substances and to abstain from alcohols because they are not options to be considered when managing depression.

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