Why do Men Cheat

9 Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Woman

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The question “why men cheat” is one of the common questions people ask today. Both men and women wonder why some categories of men are not faithful lovers. The married ones have side chicks and sex partners, the single men are not left out in the act of infidelity. Men that cheat on their partner have various excuse(s) for this act. Some of those excuses are discussed below;

  1.  The polygamous nature of the society

Nigeria society strongly believes in polygyny and patriarchy. The men are seen as the boss that can do anything without anyone questioning their actions. They, as the head of the house, can take in many women as wives. Polygyny in the olden days is seen as the symbol of wealth and prestige in the society. Our forefathers also marry many wives because of their large farms. These wives and their children are used as man labor on the farms. Because of this, the act of polygamous has been embedded in our culture to the extent that the men now back up their act by saying “it has always been right from the days of our forefathers”. They think having multiple sexual partners is the right thing to do. Some even flaunt their mistresses around without any fear.

  1.  Unsatisfied marital relationship

Many men cheat because they are not satisfied with their partners. They seek closure in other women to cover up their unhappiness. Some married men cheat because of their wives’ imperfection in the kitchen, on bed, lifestyles or because of their physical changes. Men that marry their fat wives as slim ladies may be unsatisfied with the body change, thus, leading them to have side chick (read about ways to know if you are side-chick here) and young slim ladies as partners. Many women and ladies are the ones that push their men out by their nagging, complaints and annoying behaviors. They make the relationship unbearable for their men thus making the men cheat on them with other women. You can read an educative article on how to bring back the spark in your relationship here

  1.  To avoid divorce

Men that are unhappy and fed up with their relationships prefer to have other ladies by their sides instead of coming out of their marriage or relationships. Most of these victims find it disgraceful to seek for divorce because of their social status and religious status. They are in the category of religious leaders that preach against divorce but instead embrace infidelity. Also, the Nigeria society and the customary court also frown against divorce. Marriage is for better for worse, till death do the couple part. In accordance with this and so as not to be labeled as deviants, many men opt for infidelity instead of divorce.

  1.  Covetousness

There are many women with unique beauty and diverse body shapes in the society. Tall, short, plump, busty, slim, ebony and the fair-skinned ladies are everywhere; they are found in offices, religious houses, marketplace, supermarkets, banks and on the streets. No matter how beautiful a woman is, there will be another lady that is more appealing to the eyes. The numerous number of pretty ladies in the world now is one of the reasons why men cheat. Men on their part covet and are attracted to these beautiful women. They find it hard to control their eyes and affections thus making them desire many women. Also, the provocative mode of dressing common among women has destroyed many homes and has lured the undisciplined men to cheating.

  1.  To get back at cheating partners

Some men cheat when they discover their unfaithful wives escapades. They also venture into the cheating business so as to retaliate and get back at their partners. Also, some men that do not trust their partners completely have other women as backups and something to fall back on to prevent and to minimize heart breaks and disappointment.

  1.  Distance

Men that are in a long distance relationship (read about how to handle a long-distance relationship here) and those that do not have easy access to their women tend to have other women close to them. They go for side chicks to replace their main lovers.

  1.  Peer Influence

There is an adage that says “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. Those that roll with men that cheat are likely to be negatively influenced. The faithful ones are teased by their unfaithful friends and are called names like “coward”, “woman wrapper “,” impotent man “or” a lazy man”. Pressure from friends and in a bid to prove their friends wrong and to reject those names can make a faithful man unfaithful.

  1.  Good looks

Good looks draw women to men. The handsome ones believe they can have any woman they desire. Even if they are not in the realm of infidelity, some women voluntarily force themselves on those men. It is a belief that a woman that is in a relationship with a handsome man should know that she is sharing her man with other women, which is true to some extent.

  1.  Wealth

Money, they say, is the root of all evil. The rich, men in the upper caste of the society, the celebrity, politicians and those with fat pockets are more exposed to being unfaithful. They attract and ladies also glue themselves to cash. Some ladies do not also mind to be a side chick or to be going out with other people husband or with men that are old enough to be their grandfathers because of money.

Anyway friends, that is it, those are the reasons why a man could cheat. (Don’t forget to read about why women cheat here)

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